The Big Reconnect – Summer Meet Up


We now have a roadmap out of lockdown, so what better way to celebrate then the first face-to-face communications industry event of 2021? We are hosting The Big Reconnect - Summer Meet-Up. A chance for the communications community to reconnect IN PERSON at a fantastic venue in London (and we will be streaming live too). Lots of speakers, networking, insights and a few drinks too! Make sure you are on the invite list; register your interest now:
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Why should internal communications get a seat at top table?

01 April 2021

106 Student Marketing Bootcamp

25 February 2021
Following on from the success of our Bootcamp back in February 2020 when we could all meet in person (remember that!), we are hosting Bootcamp 2021 at the end of February – and of course, it’s online! We’ve got a packed agenda – featuring student, careers service and employer panels.  We’ll be asking some of the big questions that many of us are grappling with as we start planning for 2021-22 recruitment cycle. What do students really value right now?  How do you make virtual differentiated?  How can career services and employers reach Generation Covid?  How are graduate employers dealing with ‘hyper diversity’? 2020 was a year where recruiters had to show real innovation in their approach – and we aim to investigate how employers and careers services are continuing to respond to the challenges in the market.  One thing’s for sure, there’s no going back. We already have some great panellists lined up, including James Darley, CEO of Transform Society, Ali Orr, Head of Outcomes and Employability at Kingston University, Matt Williamson, Director of Recruitment at Teach First, and Phil Wilson, Chief Psychologist and Chief Assessor, Civil Service Fast Stream.

2021: The Year of Empathy or Productivity?

14 January 2021
How can internal communications stay relevant and continue to deliver in 2021 after the most challenging year in living memory? The Institute of Internal Communications believes that empathy will continue to be the most important focus, with employee wellbeing and purpose-led leadership as key trends. But with choppy economic waters ahead, surely productivity must take precedence? Two industry experts debate the merits of both approaches.

Autumn Not On Campus | Covid Catch-up

05 November 2020
Following on from our June and July Autumn Not On Campus webinars, we will explore how Covid has impacted students’ career planning and what employers can learn from this season’s virtual activity with a particular lens on under-represented audiences. We will hear from students, careers services and employers from the Public Sector, Retail, Energy and Professional Services. We will have the opportunity to ask ourselves some of the most pressing questions during our panel discussion including ‘how have under-represented groups been engaging during this autumn?’. Opening – Sasha Morgan from the Social Mobility Commission on the impact of Covid on young people’s futures. University Perspective – Dr Paul Redmond, Director of Student Experience and Enhancement, University of Liverpool Student Perspective – Video diaries from four students about their virtual job-hunting experience Employer Perspective – A panel of employers from NGDP, SSE and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Our panellists: Sam Greer, Education & Employability Manager, SSE Sam Meredith, Employer Brand Marketing Manager, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Laura Wilson, Leadership Adviser, Local Government Association Dr Paul Redmond, Director of Student Experience and Enhancement, University of Liverpool When is it? 5th November |11am-1pm |Zoom Sign up on Eventbrite Contact for more details

106 Communications Summit

14 October 2020
This interactive online summit is to bring together communications experts to discuss the state of communications in a Covid world, looking at lessons learned, trends embraced and what life will be like for communications teams and organisations in the next 12 months and beyond. We offer a unique opportunity, in an online environment, to share knowledge , discuss key trends, and network. This event will be a rich mixture of speakers sharing insights and peer-group networking. We are hosting the event on AirMeet, which is a new online event tool aiming to provide a more dynamic and inclusive experience. Why attend? Hear from fellow professionals sharing stories and insights on key topics Network in small groups with fellow professionals Keep your knowledge up to date in the fast-changing, Covid world of comms What’s the theme? Beyond Covid. What are the lessons we’ve learnt, the trends we’ve embraced and the strategy we are looking to pursue? Speakers ‘Corporate brands responding to Covid and other global challenges’ Hayley Brooksbank, Head of Marketing and Communications, Bird & Bird ‘ The importance of digital tools in a time of crisis’ Lauren Mottram-Heathcoate, People Communications and Engagement Lead, AutoTrader ‘How to Succeeding through Covid’ Vicki Davies, Head of Internal Communication, Highways England ‘Employee experience and inclusion’ Bal Gill, Head of Employee Experience and Inclusion, Cap Gemini ‘Be Prepared: What the Scouts Can Teach Us About Change Readiness’ Hannah Cordle, Change Communications Consultant, 106 Communications ‘The path to a truly digital workplace ’ Henry Davies, Communications Consultant, 106 Communications Roundtables The roundtables will provide participants the chance to identify and discuss the current opportunities and challenges within the topics below. Roundtables topics Employee Experience Digital Tools Measurement Change and Transformation Covid Comms Strategy Leadership Communications 14th October | 8:30am-2:00pm BST Cost: £10 (Charity Donation to Beyond ) Beyond exists to challenge and change the mental health status quo. Sign up for this summit on Eventbrite Contact for more details

Change Communications Masterclass

30 September 2020
Successful change communications is both an art and a science. This Masterclass will give communications professionals with some experience or exposure to change programmes, the confidence and foundation skills in: Understanding audiences Change readiness Preparing effective plans Creating interventions that work A project sprint that will provide practical real-time experience of change communications planning. The session will specifically look at different aspects of change, and how communications can support and drive change at different stages.  For example, how do you conduct a Stakeholder Assessment, undertake an Impact of Change Assessment, and develop a Change Communications Plan?  At every stage, we will discuss how you can use these tools and approach in your own organisational setting, and show practical steps to best-practice Change Communications. The Sprint will help participants apply the learnings and insights from the first session in a practical scenario.  Sprint sessions are ways to formulate and review viable solutions in a short space of time, and gives us the opportunity to put all the theory into practice! Who is this for? Whether your role is change, HR, internal comms, corporate comms or operations, the masterclass will provide you with useful guidance and practical tips to apply to your business. 12 November|10 am – 3pm Masterclass 10 am-12noon Sprint 1pm-3pm Sign up for this Masterclass on Eventbrite Contact for more details

Black Lives Matter movement and what it means for the workplace

16 July 2020
We are delighted to touch on a subject that is so important in these times.  The strength of the Black Lives Matters movement together with the global pandemic has created a sense of social change that companies cannot ignore.  With the help of D&I Consultant, Snéha Khilay, and Culture Change Consultant, Kareen Griffiths, we take a look at what organisations need to do to address key issues facing society. July 23 | 12pm | Webinar Sign up here:

Covid Confusion – turning paralysis into a plan for student recruitment

09 July 2020
Hope you can make it to our latest webinar, helping organisations turn COVID confusion and paralysis into a plan for student engagement. July 9 th, 2020 at 11am.  Register here: We have an expert panel of: Jayne Cullen, Consultant, 106 Communications Rob Fryer, Director of Student Life, University of Leicester Vanessa Soames, ISE Board Director James Darley, Director of Transform Phil Sartain, Early Careers Lead, Aon We will discuss how employers are dealing with uncertainty caused by the global pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn. The panel have a wealth of experience in student recruitment and have all run sizeable graduate programmes in their careers both during bull and bear times. If you are an employer grappling with uncertainty around hiring numbers, budget and resource, then our panellists will be a great source of best practice and practical advice around dealing with ‘what next?’.  And we will share our very own COVID framework to help you to turn paralysis into a plan.

Digital Internal Communications in Lockdown and Beyond

02 July 2020
Please join us for our latest webinar July 2 nd at 12pm BST. We will be looking at what has changed during the Covid crisis, and how the changes in behaviour could potentially accelerate changes in the workplace in the future. We are delighted to be joined by Katie Chang from Savills and Melanie Wheeler from Sutherland. We will also be sharing some research on Digital Internal Comms.  Sign up, tune in, sit back, take part and enjoy. Sign up here:

Back to the New Normal

20 May 2020
Internal communicators stepped up when the lockdown arrived. But after nine weeks of intense activity, they are facing an even bigger challenge. They must support organisations emerging from the largest occupational disruption of the modern era to make a seamless transition to an as-yet undefined business as usual while maintaining high levels of employee engagement. So now what? Three key areas will be crucial for communicators to consider in the weeks ahead – Communications Planning and Audience Segmentation, Guidance for Managers on Communications and Engagement, and Unlocking Digital. Sign up for the event on eventbrite . 20/05/20 1300 BST

Change Comms: the art and the science

14 May 2020
We are delighted to welcome Emily Gorvy as the guest speaker at our latest Change Comms event.  Emily is a Change and Communications Consultant with 20 years’ experience helping businesses drive and sustain value during people and technology change programmes. Working across multiple industries, she’s led a broad range of projects from developing people capability, implementing restructures & leadership changes to deploying supply chain and digital transformations. She has worked for Sainsbury’s, Barclays and, more recently, GSK before starting her own business earlier this year. 9-11am 2-6 Boundary Row London SE1 8HP

Purpose and Sustainability in a time of crisis

30 April 2020
We are assembling a panel of guests to discuss purpose and sustainability in a time of crisis. This is a time when some brands have clearly shown their purpose and stepped in to support their people and communities; others have faltered. What is the answer?  Can brands play a meaningful role in times of crisis – or are they in danger of reputational damage? Join us to discuss. 30/04/20 13.00 Email to get the link to the webinar

Virtual Values: How organisational culture can flourish during a time of crisis

07 April 2020
This crisis is possibly the biggest test of leadership and culture in a generation, and the reputation of many organisations will suffer because of it.  Now as we enter a period of extended lockdown, how are you maintaining and growing your culture? A free webinar to look at how organisations can draw on their values and culture in this time of crisis. Tuesday, April 7, 4-5pm Email to reserve your space

Lockdown Leadership: How leaders and managers can engage brilliantly with employees during a time of crisis

01 April 2020
A free webinar to discuss how communicators can work with leaders to engage their teams.  The webinar focuses on: Creating the right online environment Establishing an ongoing, changing narrative Being a visible and authentic leader in a virtual world Being inclusive always (Over) communicating Putting personal and mental health first Have some fun too It is happening at 2pm on 01.04.20 Email to get the link

Virtual Values: How organisational culture can flourish during a time of crisis

30 March 2020
This crisis is possibly the biggest test of leadership and culture in a generation. A free webinar to look at how organisations can draw on their values and culture in this time of crisis. Monday 30th March, 2-3pm Email to reserve your space

Lockdown Leadership: How leaders and managers can engage brilliantly with employees during a time of crisis

26 March 2020
A free webinar to discuss how communicators can work with leaders to engage their teams.  The webinar focuses on: Creating the right online environment Establishing an ongoing, changing narrative Being a visible and authentic leader in a virtual world Being inclusive always (Over) communicating Putting personal and mental health first Have some fun too It is happening at 2pm on 25.03.20 Email to get the link

The power of storytelling workshop

11 March 2020
Explore the power of storytelling through our workshop.  Typically we run this workshop for 10-12 people, giving everyone an opportunity to understand what makes a good story, how to create your own stories and run storytelling programmes, and build it into the way you communicate.  Here’s the outline agenda for the workshop. Stories – why they are so important to our role as communicators, showcasing examples. What makes a great story – we’ll look into what makes a great story, from two perspectives: Visual storytelling in the digital age – helping comms managers think more visually, to prepare stories for videos, infographics, animations and for digital internal media. Written storytelling that cuts through the noise – writing and structuring good stories, the use of language, the importance of tone of voice and how to have some fun doing it. Storytelling programmes – why these are good for organisations and how to run them.

Graduates – Why bother?

27 February 2020
On February 27 th, we are hosting our biggest ever Student Marketing Bootcamp.  This is a free, half-day event for Early Careers professionals, and it all focuses on the question – ‘Graduates, why bother?’. We will kick off with a thought-provoking view of the 2020 landscape for Early Careers from Jane Clark, who has led Early Careers at Merrill Lynch, Barclays and Fidelity, and is now Global Head of Emerging Talent Consulting at Talent Collective. Next up, we are going to discuss three of the most important topics in student recruitment today Interdisciplinary Learning – Why bother? A new approach to tackling diversity? Student segmentation – Why bother? We look at new ways to segment and reach your audience. Graduates – Why bother? Vitality hiring versus building skills and capability for the future world of work? Interdisciplinary Learning – Why bother? Marielle van der Meer will give an overview of the soon to open University and help us to understand why this new academic approach to learning might provide an answer to some of the most challenging conundrums; hiring diverse talent; getting a positive ROI from Graduate hires; and managing the expectations of Gen Z. Student Segmentation – Why bother? Here at 106 Comms, we forensically examine our target audiences and have developed a unique segmentation methodology that gives us the deep audience insight to design and deliver creative campaigns that resonate with all stakeholders. Working live with a client, Jayne Cullen of 106 Comms explores why deep audience understanding can drive more personalised communications throughout the entire candidate lifecycle. Graduates – Why bother? (panel discussion) 106 Communications is turning student marketing on its head from by asking our clients one very simple question: why? Traditional EVPs start with the What we do? and How we do it? The 106 approach asks a more purposeful question: Why does your Programme exist? Graduates don’t buy in to a Programme for what it is; they buy into it for why the business does it? Why bother hiring graduates is a fundamental question prompted by a plethora of factors in the market (apprentice levy, retention and satisfaction rates, unfilled specialist roles) and one that we are keen to debate. Our panel includes: Kate Ross, L&D Lead Early Professionals Programmes, IBM; Tom Banham, Director of Employability and Careers at University of York; Alice Scott, MD of Development, Beyond Learning; with Jayne Cullen of 106 chairing! We hope that the content will benefit a wide range of employers; Employers with Leadership Development Programmes Employers looking to hire grads into specialist roles Employers with lesser known or less attractive brands Employers from fast-growing firms who are relatively new to Graduate or Apprentice recruitment Join us on the 27 th February – 9-12.30am at Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DR

Internal Comms Strategy Workshop

29 January 2020
We are delighted that Mark Bunker, Head of Internal Communications at Aldermore Bank, will be joining us for this event to discuss Internal Comms Strategy for Success. This will cover: Starting with purpose and objectives Finding and using data effectively The key components of any strategy Prioritising and avoiding the disease of pleasing Less is often more Join us from 9-11AM @ 106 Comms 2-6 Boundary Row London SE1 8HP

Champions of change

10 December 2019
What role does internal comms play in championing change in an organisation?  How can comms help organisations engage colleagues, promote new behaviours and make change happen?  We are planning a 2-hour workshop to provide case studies and practical advice for comms practitioners. We are so excited to introduce our guest speaker Cécile Jenkins! Cécile Jenkins was first introduced to major technology change at the University of Oxford, managing the communications for a financial system replacement. This sparked her interest for managing change for employees, keeping engagement levels up and the role of internal communications during change. In subsequent roles, she led her communications teams on a number of change projects and initiatives in various sectors including retail, healthcare, defence and social care. At Oxford University Press, the global academic and educational publisher, she currently leads both the change communications and internal communications teams, with a reach of 7,000 staff in 52 countries. Champions of change 10th December, 3-5pm 2-6 Boundary Row London SE1 8HP

Embracing neurodiversity at work

15 October 2019
We will be presenting the results of our survey on what organisations are doing (or not) on Neurodiversity – and what support they need to move forward.  This will be followed by a workshop on Neurodiversity and how you can start to think about this as part of your recruitment and engagement strategy. RSVP: 15th October 9 – 11am 106 Communications, 2-6 Boundary Row, SE18HP

Psychological Safety and Speaking Up

26 September 2019
Psychology Safety is defined as “being able to show and employ one’s self without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career”.  It’s key to creating a culture where teams are accepted and respected, people are encouraged to speak up and voice their opinion, and ideas can be suggested without fear of making a mistake.  Various academic studies (as well as work by Google) show that psychological safety allows for moderate risk-taking, speaking your mind, creativity, and sticking your neck out without fear of having it cut off.  We will discuss how you can create such a culture (and importantly, assess success).  Plus we have a special guest speaker, Michael Brennan, who set up Tootoot to enable kids at school to speak up, especially if they felt they were being bullied.  Now he’s introduced Tootoot Workplace to gather feedback and encourage people to speak up in the workplace. 26th September 2019 9-11AM 106 Communications, 2-6 Boundary Row, London SE1 8HP

Neuroscience in Comms and Engagement

11 June 2019
We’re delighted to welcome Amy Brann as the latest speaker in our series of talks on comms and engagement.  She is the Founder of Synaptic Potential, a business which specialises in bridging the gap between neuroscience and business to improve human and organisational performance. She is the author of ‘ Make Your Brain Work’ & ‘ Neuroscience for Coaches’ published by Kogan Page and ‘ Engaged: The neuroscience behind creating productive people in successful organisations ’ published by Palgrave Macmillan.  It’s a great opportunity to learn more about how you can literally use the brain to improve communications and engagement in your business. June 11th, 2019 3-5pm, London SE1 8HP

Early Careers Boot Camp

05 June 2019
Our Early Careers Boot Camp is a special workshop for Early Careers Leaders, focusing on the future of graduate talent, student success, campus marketing and more.  So far, we have: Jane Clark, who has a wealth of experience in early careers leadership over the last 15 years, is currently writing a thesis on the future of graduate development for her PhD as well as leading the early careers team at Fidelity.  She will be sharing some of her findings on the future of graduate talent. Anne-Marie Canning MBE, who is Director of Social Mobility and Student Success.  She will give a university perspective on some key issues for students, universities and employers, and also talk about her award-winning ParentPower programme, which helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds access Kings. June 5, 2019 9-11.30am 2-6 Boundary Row, London SE1 8HP (near Southwark and Waterloo stations)

Neurodiversity in Early Careers

02 April 2019
We are delighted to announce our latest event for Early Careers Leaders.  On World Autism Day, we will be joined by Daniel Aherne, Founder of Adjust, which works with employers to grow understanding of Neurodiversity in recruiting and retaining talent, including autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD.  He will discuss everything from how you should be changing your recruitment process to accommodate neurodiversity as well as the unwritten rules within cultures that can be difficult for people with these conditions.  It promises to be an insightful session, and we normally have 20-25 Early Careers Leaders.  It’s a great chance to learn, discuss and network, all within out Queen of Hearts room!  We promise tea, coffee and breakfast pastries and fruit. Workshop for Early Careers Leaders 9-11am, 2nd April 2019 2-6 Boundary Row, London SE1 8HP RSVP:

Apprenticeship Success

21 March 2019
The apprenticeship Levy has created (almost) as much division as Brexit.  We are delighted to say that we have two great speakers to help employers look at how to maximise this opportunity.  Peter Macdonald from Engie will discuss how they have made apprenticeships a key part of their talent strategy, while Rachael Millar of the Social Mobility Commission will talk about addressing social mobility through apprenticeships.  Typically we have 20-25 Early Careers Leaders at these events, as well as tea, cake and bubbles to finish!  Should be a great event.  Make sure you reserve your place now. Workshop for Early Careers Leaders 3-5pm, 21st March 2019 2-6 Boundary Row, London SE1 8HP RSVP:

Employee Experience

14 March 2019
How can you improve the employee experience for your colleagues? Amy Sawbridge was most recently Head of Employee Experience at the Virgin Group and talked about her experiences and insights. We also had the wonderful Hayley Brooksbank, Head of Communications and Brand at the law firm Osborne Clarke. She talked about OC TV and using video to engage colleagues as well as clients. Workshop for Comms & HR Leaders 3-5pm, 14th March, 2019 20 St Dunstan’s Hill, London EC3R 8HL RSVP:

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