Roundtable:School Leaver Research

10 June 2021

On Thursday 10th June at 11 am 106 Communications is holding a round table informal discussion with a number of employers to help shape a piece of research we are undertaking with Not Going To Uni.

We are keen for employers to come along and discuss what they would like to know more about.  Are you interested in social media usage?  Attitudes to different industries?  Views on online recruitment and video interviewing?

This is a chance to discuss what you’d really like to get some insight about – and then we will be going away to conduct the research with school leavers across the UK.

We’ll also ensure that anyone coming along on Thursday will get a first look at the research results.

We hosted a similar round table last week with Atkins, BDO, Barnett Waddingham and JP Morgan and we identified the following key themes. We are really keen to get as broad a view as possible so do please come along…

# 1 – Location 

Regional recruitment is a challenge. Some locations eg Liverpool a surfeit of interest but others such as the Home counties much less interest in apprenticeships

#2 – Impact of the pandemic

On studies, career focus, views on Uni and courses, thoughts on the jobs market and general confidence levels around their futures.

#3 – The influencers

Who are they for different groups and how to reach them?

# 4 – Diversity and Inclusion 

Under-represented audiences – how many applications are they making? Average time spent on each one? Where do they get support from in terms of their applications?

What are their barriers to apprenticeships?

#5 – Key messaging, content and channels. 


Anyone interested in coming along and helping to scope out the research please sign up here now

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