We help organisations to engage and connect colleagues, share knowledge and grow capability.

Over the course of the pandemic, internal communications has come into its own – and has become relied upon by many organisations to help workforces through the crisis. We believe it has the power and opportunity to go further, and create and influence the employee experience in a whole heap of ways, from building trust with leaders, engaging colleagues in the purpose and mission (from onboarding and beyond), running wow events, creating connections across organisations and encouraging the kind of collaboration and innovation that powers the very best of organisations. We have worked with a wide range of ambitious brands, from Canon and Virgin through to Arriva and SGS, to provide research and strategy as well as award-winning creativity and digital execution.

Case studies


Are you a truly digital workplace?

Our 2020 study of digital internal communications sheds light on true digital workplaces and how you can be one.


COP26 and the opportunity for organisations

We are delighted to be joined by Hans Daems, who is COP26 Director at Hitachi as well as Group Public Affairs Officer for Hitachi Europe and currently Chair of CSR Europe. We will be discussing the purpose of the conference, why Hitachi are a principal partner, and how they are using this opportunity to challenge their own business and their own people.

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