The power of storytelling workshop

11 March 2020

Explore the power of storytelling through our workshop.  Typically we run this workshop for 10-12 people, giving everyone an opportunity to understand what makes a good story, how to create your own stories and run storytelling programmes, and build it into the way you communicate.  Here’s the outline agenda for the workshop.

Stories – why they are so important to our role as communicators, showcasing examples.

What makes a great story – we’ll look into what makes a great story, from two perspectives:

  • Visual storytelling in the digital age – helping comms managers think more visually, to prepare stories for videos, infographics, animations and for digital internal media.
  • Written storytelling that cuts through the noise – writing and structuring good stories, the use of language, the importance of tone of voice and how to have some fun doing it.

Storytelling programmes – why these are good for organisations and how to run them.

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