Grand gestures v everyday engagement

11 July 2022
The competition for talent (it’s not a war, people) and the drive to get people out of their pjs and into the office, has led a number of companies to make grand gestures. Parties, merchandise, nights out; one professional services firm even has a pub with free drinks now in its building .  There are […]
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The Hairy Reality of Being Black In The Workplace

02 August 2022
‘It doesn’t smell does it?’ *recoils in horror* Have a go at guessing what that comment was in response to… An awfully out of date yoghurt? A gory wound? Entering the room your flatulent pet dog has been relaxing in? This comment was actually said in a conversation about my hair earlier in the week […]

Hector: My Work Experience at 106 Communications

25 July 2022
We were lucky enough to have Hector join us for 4 days for his work experience. With Adobe skills and a great attitude Hector fell into the work here in the office with no problem. Check out his video diary to follow his week in 50 seconds.

Take-aways from the ISE conference (including the bucket hats)

22 July 2022
In Brighton. At The Grand.  The sun’s shining.  And 300 people are ready for the first ISE in-person conference for three years. Over the course of two days, employers, careers services and suppliers shared a range of insights and perspectives. So what were the key themes?  Did Covid still loom large over the student population?  […]

Millie Finch, Intern, on her first speaking gig!

06 July 2022
In May, I received an email from Jayne Cullen at 106 Communications explaining that as an intern at 106, I would be speaking at the ISE Conference. The topic of discussion was how brands and businesses can leverage cultural trends to connect with Gen Z talent and under-represented audiences. A series of initial thoughts occurred […]

Brand, image and a degree in mansplaining

05 July 2022
An image surfaced on my Twitter feed this week which took me by surprise; it appeared to be a very unfortunate marketing choice by the University of Adelaide. On hoarding outside the Royal Adelaide Hospital, a young man is shown explaining something or other to five women. Although he gesticulates with a pen in hand, […]

Postcards from YMS: The age of influence

20 June 2022
At 106 we’re all about sustainability, and according to agency Tailify there is one major renewable out there just waiting to be tapped: influence. At Voxburner’s Youth Marketing Strategy (YMS) festival earlier this month influencers and user-generated content (UGC) were the hot topic. An influencer might be your charismatic Instagram travel blogger, or your exuberant […]

Postcards from YMS: LGBTQ+ Youth Consumer Trends

17 June 2022
At the beginning of June, four of the team attended YMS LDN hosted by Voxburner.  Here’s the first of our postcards from the event. We’re leaving behind rainbow washing and half-hearted allyship. It’s Pride Month so let’s get real about young LGBTQ+ consumer behaviour and want they want. Armed with serious data, Josephine Hansom hit […]

SimplyIC and Collaboration from Alzheimers, Boots and BA

25 May 2022
Put a bunch of professional communicators in a room and there’ll be laughter, encouragement, and some good ol’ fashioned problem solving. In the Collaboration Zone at the SimplyIC conference this week, internal communicators from across industry, sector, and country came together to tackle the biggest issues facing organisations today through the lens of communications. Eight […]

The great debate: Office v Hybrid v Remote

13 May 2022
Rolling out of bed at 8:45am, to commute only as far as the desk on the other side of the room may be appealing for a day or two, but how often should we really be working from home? Covid has hardly gone, but the world is moving on. With a war in the East, […]
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