Grand gestures v everyday engagement

11 July 2022
The competition for talent (it’s not a war, people) and the drive to get people out of their pjs and into the office, has led a number of companies to make grand gestures. Parties, merchandise, nights out; one professional services firm even has a pub with free drinks now in its building .  There are […]
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What are values without behaviours?

28 February 2023
Values have long been touted as the crowning glory of a culture. Yet also a guilty conscience. When Barclays was embroiled in a banking scandal, out came the values in six-foot Perspex in the reception area of the Canary Wharf headquarters. Enron was known to have much lauded values, until it met its maker. Google […]

In conversation with… Bob Athwal: creating a culture of belonging

28 February 2023
As LGBTQ+ History Month draws to a close 106 Comms is in conversation with Bob Athwal: Director of Culture and Belonging who oversees E,D&I globally for Skyscanner. How would you sum up your main focus for E,D&I at Skyscanner Bob? Our focus is making sure that we create a place of belonging for our colleagues; […]

Keeping your social media strategy aligned to your audiences…

27 February 2023
Here at 106 Communications, we spend a considerable amount of time researching the social media landscape in order to support our clients with the design, execution and management of their Early Careers social media campaigns. To ensure your socials are as engaging, informative and effective as possible read this quick round-up of our thoughts. Be […]

Organisations need to focus on the ‘WHY’ more than ever…

27 February 2023
As we know, the nature of the workplace has undergone a radical change since the start of the pandemic with the rise of hybrid and flexible working. However, it is not just how we work that has changed but also the mindset and mentality of the workforce. Employees are no longer satisfied with a command […]

Artificial Intelligence a blessing or curse to communicators?

27 February 2023
I was at a networking event recently, when I was in conversation with someone working in the sales department of a tech company. We had started talking about AI, when she casually dropped in ‘oh, I use ChatGPT all the time, it helps me write LinkedIn posts when I draw a blank.’ I was astounded.  […]

What is going on inside student minds?

27 February 2023
As employers, you want to know what’s going on in the mind of an applicant or potential applicant. But it’s hard to understand; there is no homogenous set of desires or mindset shared by all, especially in the incoming Gen Z, who value individuality more than anything. Although a student’s mindset is influenced by their […]

Do I want what these ‘oldies’ want?

31 January 2023
I asked myself, ‘Do I want what these ‘oldies’ want?’, after reading Georgina Roberts’ article, where she critiques the older generation of workers, who in her experience, hold the belief that Gen Z are anything but hardworking. She feels it’s ‘unfair and inaccurate to be branded as a coaster’ and endorses requests such as office […]

Authentic Communications in 2023: not everything has to be perfect

30 January 2023
Whilst Covid-19 was a very challenging period, the systems that we put in place enabled us to bridge the gap between the personal and the professional whilst working remotely. We were re-introduced to our colleagues and began knowing them as a mother, father, pet-lover, yoga guru, teacher or chef. Meetings were interrupted by school questions […]

Trends in Early Careers for 2023

30 January 2023
We are now one month into 2023, and I thought it was worth sharing 5 need to know Early Careers trends that will affect your recruitment efforts and shape your potential strategy this year. #1 – enough jobs on the market Despite us almost tipping into recession at the end of 2022 many labour market […]
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