“What do graduates want?” – a graduate’s perspective

14 April 2022
Recently Bright Network released their report on ‘What do graduates want?’ for 2022/3.  As a recent graduate, I was interested to learn more about what 14,234 graduates thought! First up, I was surprised that only 60% of students are planning on starting a graduate job straight after graduating.  Are graduates still concerned about entering the […]
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The great debate: Office v Hybrid v Remote

13 May 2022
Rolling out of bed at 8:45am, to commute only as far as the desk on the other side of the room may be appealing for a day or two, but how often should we really be working from home? Covid has hardly gone, but the world is moving on. With a war in the East, […]

RTO is one hot potato

06 May 2022
The debate about returning to the office has raged on and on over the last few months and there are no signs of it stopping. Recently, two law firms come out fighting. Stephenson Harwood are adopting a hybrid model, like the majority of other law firms; but if you don’t ever want to go into […]

The rise of ESG and how to capitalise on it

02 December 2021
See that graph? ESG is a certified hot topic right now. Organisations are talking about it, making a business case for it, shouting about it! So what’s changed? Stakeholders are putting pressure on organisations and top talent candidates are demanding serious social credentials from potential employers. 70% of employees consider a company’s stance on social […]

The impact of the pandemic on school leavers

26 November 2021
In October 2021, 106 Communications (in partnership with Not Going to Uni) released the findings from our second Get Real School Leaver Insight series which looked at the impact of the global pandemic on some key areas of school leavers lives. Firstly, we looked at the academic impact of having studied at home during two […]

Digital mindfulness in the hybrid world

26 November 2021
Workplace health and safety is a familiar phrase to everyone, and it’s something office workers often take for granted. But what does it mean when our workspace is at home? Organisations still have a duty of care to every employee to safe-guard their wellbeing – and that means more than physical wellbeing. With the advent […]

The IoIC 2021 Festival Low Down

10 November 2021
The Institute of Internal Communications’ (IoIC) 2021 conference in Nottingham was well worth the wait. For two days, industry professionals from across the nation gathered to share insights, tell stories and empathise after a particularly challenging 18 months. From AI in education to Henry V, digital mindfulness to galvanising a movement, the IoIC speakers covered […]

Only 13% of people are engaged in their work. So how do we find our way back?

29 October 2021
Only 13% of people are engaged in their work. So how do we find our way back? Priya Lakhani OBE has some thoughts. Priya Lakhani is resolute: things can change. From barrister to sauce mogul to tech start-up – she’s been there done that and all with social purpose.  Her North Star has been clear […]

Winning student votes in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers survey

15 October 2021
We know that the autumn term leading up to Christmas is one of the busiest for those in student recruitment and thinking ahead to February is often that item on the to-do list that gets pushed further and further towards Christmas…  So we wanted to lend a hand by writing a quick guide to planning […]

The Big Reconnect

14 October 2021
After 18 months of webinars and aspirational beach Zoom backgrounds, we brought together a group of internal communicators across industries to share stories, develop ideas and snack on popcorn. This is The Big Reconnect.   Coinciding with the No Time to Die premiere, we thought there was no better way to kick off the Big […]
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