A virtual trust fall:Keeping trust at the heart of your internal comms strategy

22 July 2021
As we move into a new phase of hybrid working environments, we must keep our internal communications healthy and strong to maintain mutual trust and ensure the wellbeing of every employee and ultimately the organisation.   The weekly company update that once got half-hearted glance gained significance in the pandemic when internal communications became vital for organisations to navigate their way through the volatile pandemic […]
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Cultural Capital

13 July 2021
Practical steps to grow your cultural capital: Audience insight – it is everything if you want to build cultural capital. Global flex – of course, so many companies work in a global context; so it’s important to think about how your cultural capital flexes across countries. Use of language – this is not simply about […]

ISE 2021 :106 Comms’ Six Session Takeaways.

12 July 2021
Technology isn’t the only thing defining the brave new hybrid world we’re stepping into. At the 2021 ISE Student Recruitment Conference it became clear we’re entering a new age of meaningful connections and mutual respect. This nexus of new perspectives, practical learnings and optimism gave us a glimpse at where we’re at and what’s to […]

The art of selecting the right agency

09 July 2021
Planning your 2021-2 Attraction/ Student Outreach campaign and need external support? How do you know who to work with? I can’t fail to notice the creeping tide of webinars around virtual engagement, on how to attract niche audiences (sorry guilty as charged on that one),that had temporarily abated over the past couple of months.  So […]

Growing diversity by engaging career changers

02 June 2021
Will career changers offer graduate employers better value for money in 2021-2 than 2021 graduates? Earlier this year more than a third (36 per cent) of 2020 finalists surveyed by Prospects indicated that they plan to remain in higher education rather than start their careers. The number of students who delayed their entry into the graduate job […]

Student Competitions and how to be competitive!

02 June 2021
Thinking about a competition as part of your student marketing mix this autumn, here are some things to think about. The latest ISE press release in May around the graduate market and hiring numbers is really encouraging and with a bounce-back likely in hiring, then we will likely hear much more noise from employer brands […]

Empower your leaders and teams with coaching

27 May 2021
Dana Poole, Change Communications Lead at Shell, shares her experience with 106 Communications of motivating leaders and teams with coaching. I never thought of myself as a coach, but I think throughout my career as a change and communications professional I talked to, trained, and supported people. Sometimes I shared my experiences and advised younger […]

Why should internal communications get a seat at top table?

07 April 2021
After the global crisis of 2020, internal communications (IC) has a more visible role than ever with organisations and leaders. We are being asked to deliver more with less – money, time and people. But does IC operate as the “internal post office”, or could be we being more strategic? Are we focusing on outputs […]

Our top 10 to engaging Gen Z in a time of Covid

26 March 2021
As many graduate employers head fast into Q2 2021 with a likely mountain of graduate applications, the pressure is unrelenting with the need to start planning for the 2021-2 recruitment campaign. In this article, we will explore 10 key things about Generation Z that employers might find useful when planning their student communications for the […]

NO GOING BACK? -The second half

24 March 2021
Student Marketing Bootcamp, February 25th 2021  Inclusive Employer Branding   In the second half, we started off by asking a range of employers to talk to us about some specific approaches taken to support their Inclusive Employer Brands.   Phil Wilson (Head of Diversity and Assessment at the Civil Service) talked about the wide range of interventions that they undertake to support the three pillars of their D&I strategy (attraction, […]
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