About Us.

We are a communications agency with a clear mission – to help ambitious brands to transform engagement. We have worked with a wide range of brands, from Canon, Virgin and Accenture to Arriva, NextEnergy and SGS – creating brand and content campaigns, running internal and change communications programmes, and marketing to students across campuses. Above all else, it’s our aim to find what’s different and compelling – the ‘why’, the ‘what’s in it for me? – and create content and campaigns that engage and inspire our audiences. We like to think we’re both challenging and fun to work with; we hope you take the time to find out!

How we work.

There are three (not 106, fortunately) things that sum up how we work:

Go for it – We react quickly and put our heads together to find the best solution.  Then test.  And go again.  And keep at it.

Think big – We never restrict our thinking (or yours).  Our job is to be creative. Go deep into the subject.  Explore.  Discover.  And then inspire, and even surprise.

Have some fun – We want every meeting, every project, every piece of work (and even every invoice) to be more enjoyable than the last.

Who we are.




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“We really valued the fast pace at which 106 were able to pull together our campaign and produce some really attractive content for us.”

Helen Reeves / NGDP
About Us