Graduates – Why bother?

27 February 2020

On February 27th, we are hosting our biggest ever Student Marketing Bootcamp.  This is a free, half-day event for Early Careers professionals, and it all focuses on the question – ‘Graduates, why bother?’.

We will kick off with a thought-provoking view of the 2020 landscape for Early Careers from Jane Clark, who has led Early Careers at Merrill Lynch, Barclays and Fidelity, and is now Global Head of Emerging Talent Consulting at Talent Collective.

Next up, we are going to discuss three of the most important topics in student recruitment today

Interdisciplinary Learning – Why bother?

  • A new approach to tackling diversity?

Student segmentation – Why bother?

  • We look at new ways to segment and reach your audience.

Graduates – Why bother?

  • Vitality hiring versus building skills and capability for the future world of work?

Interdisciplinary Learning – Why bother?

Marielle van der Meer will give an overview of the soon to open University and help us to understand why this new academic approach to learning might provide an answer to some of the most challenging conundrums; hiring diverse talent; getting a positive ROI from Graduate hires; and managing the expectations of Gen Z.

Student Segmentation – Why bother?

Here at 106 Comms, we forensically examine our target audiences and have developed a unique segmentation methodology that gives us the deep audience insight to design and deliver creative campaigns that resonate with all stakeholders. Working live with a client, Jayne Cullen of 106 Comms explores why deep audience understanding can drive more personalised communications throughout the entire candidate lifecycle.

Graduates – Why bother? (panel discussion)

106 Communications is turning student marketing on its head from by asking our clients one very simple question: why?

Traditional EVPs start with the What we do? and How we do it? The 106 approach asks a more purposeful question: Why does your Programme exist?

Graduates don’t buy in to a Programme for what it is; they buy into it for why the business does it?

Why bother hiring graduates is a fundamental question prompted by a plethora of factors in the market (apprentice levy, retention and satisfaction rates, unfilled specialist roles) and one that we are keen to debate.

Our panel includes: Kate Ross, L&D Lead Early Professionals Programmes, IBM; Tom Banham, Director of Employability and Careers at University of York; Alice Scott, MD of Development, Beyond Learning; with Jayne Cullen of 106 chairing!

We hope that the content will benefit a wide range of employers;

  • Employers with Leadership Development Programmes
  • Employers looking to hire grads into specialist roles
  • Employers with lesser known or less attractive brands
  • Employers from fast-growing firms who are relatively new to Graduate or Apprentice recruitment

Join us on the 27th February – 9-12.30am at Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DR

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