Meet And Engage Webinar Write-Up: Fostering social mobility in your hiring process

30 April 2024
Last Tuesday, I was invited to a Meet & Engage session with Nicola Sullivan about fostering social mobility in your emerging talent hiring. The featured guest was none other than Glen McGowan, Group Head of Emerging Talent at HSBC. I grabbed a coffee, a biscuit, and logged on to listen… Sullivan set the scene by […]
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SimplyIC Event Download

31 May 2023
Capturing the best bits of an event is never easy, but when you’ve had 2 full days each with three streams of concurrent talks it’s nigh on impossible. So, to make it easy for you (and our content writer…), here are the broad strokes on the three big themes that emerged: AI meets IC, accessibility […]

Employee Engagement Summit Download

27 April 2023
As spring is slowly making itself known, an appropriate feeling of renewed energy and an outpouring of fresh ideas set the tone for the Engage Employee Summit at The Brewery. This is the Coachella of conferences – complete with a winding queue for entry and live music! – and it might just be one of […]

Organisations need to focus on the ‘WHY’ more than ever…

27 February 2023
As we know, the nature of the workplace has undergone a radical change since the start of the pandemic with the rise of hybrid and flexible working. However, it is not just how we work that has changed but also the mindset and mentality of the workforce. Employees are no longer satisfied with a command […]

Authentic Communications in 2023: not everything has to be perfect

30 January 2023
Whilst Covid-19 was a very challenging period, the systems that we put in place enabled us to bridge the gap between the personal and the professional whilst working remotely. We were re-introduced to our colleagues and began knowing them as a mother, father, pet-lover, yoga guru, teacher or chef. Meetings were interrupted by school questions […]

How to launch an employee advocate programme

08 December 2020
Employee advocacy is promotion of a company by its employees and is an effective way to drive change or build reputation from the inside out. Here are four ways to create an employee advocacy programme that really works. 1. Set your goals What do you want your programme to achieve? Are you supporting a specific […]

Value to society

15 July 2019
There’s no doubt that it is more important than ever to show your value to society.  This can be looked at as a combination of your services (i.e. what value do these actually bring to society?), your direct operations (and how they impact on jobs, communities, environment and so on), and your supply chain (and […]

Learning from Chernobyl – an internal communications perspective

11 June 2019
Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster Anyone who has watched HBO’s Chernobyl, aside from feeling extreme empathy for the harrowing human impact, will know the frustration of watching the chain of decisions that resulted in catastrophe. According to HBO’s representation of the disaster, deputy chief-engineer Anatoly Dyatlov was hell bent on carrying out a test on the […]

Early Careers Bootcamp

10 June 2019
At our Early Careers Bootcamp, we were lucky enough to hear from Jane Clarke (currently undertaking a PHD) and Anne-Marie Canning (currently undertaking a Masters) – two highly experienced professionals giving us employer and university perspectives.  We also ran speed sessions on Marketing, Social Success and Neurodiversity.  All in all, it was a brilliant day […]

Grads, Employers and Ethics

06 December 2018
We attended the final Breakfast News event of 2018 at the Anthologist, hosted by Blackbridge and Group GTI. The overarching theme was around graduates and company ethics, the event aptly being named “who’s been naughty and who’s been nice?” with guest speaker Rev. Richard Coles shining some Christmassy light on the subject. Do the ethics […]
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