Organisations need to focus on the ‘WHY’ more than ever…

27 February 2023

As we know, the nature of the workplace has undergone a radical change since the start of the pandemic with the rise of hybrid and flexible working. However, it is not just how we work that has changed but also the mindset and mentality of the workforce.

Employees are no longer satisfied with a command & control set-up, where opinions are only respected based on seniority. Research shows that more than ever employees believe that all voices should be heard and listened to. People are recognising the importance of passion and enjoyment in and outside of work, openly challenging the often-romanticized notion of hustle culture. As rumours of the “Great Resignation 2.0” spread, it is obvious individuals are unafraid to push back against their employers, voluntarily leaving their roles in the hope of finding an organization where they can prioritise what really matters to them now.

“Hustle culture puts work at the center of life. Long working hours are praised and glorified. Time off is seen as laziness. If you are not hustling, you are failing.”- Forbes 2022

Alongside unwanted attrition, organisations are now battling with the trends of “Quiet Quitting” and “Acting your wage” popularised by the likes of Zaid Khan and the lovable character of Veronica on TikTok. Often misunderstood as laziness, these trends do not mean that employees will stop working but instead just do what their role requires rather than going above and beyond without recognition and ‘meaning’.

So instead of blaming employees and making accusations about certain ‘covid generations’…isn’t it time for organisations to look inwards and focus on creating a culture and a brand that employees want to stay for and work for…? 

Find the WHY. 

Organisations need to invest more time and energy into building an Employee Value Proposition that reflects the mindset and mentality of their workforce because superficial benefits such as free food, 10% off at the gym and company drink nights really aren’t going to cut it.

  • Culture: How is the culture better / different from competitors?
  • Career: How can people sustain their development? What will the future look like for them?
  • Brand: What makes your brand special?
  • Benefits: What are the real benefits of working here?

Expectations have changed and the workplace needs to make sure it keeps up. So, to move forward employers need to be open-minded and create more opportunities to listen to their workforce. Realising small everyday changes and actions are more impactful than infrequent grand gestures. And keep in mind how important these values are to the workforce now…

  • Passion and individuality: People are more focused on doing the things they love, so allow people to be themselves and give them the space and support to achieve at work and outside.
  • Well-being: Since Covid-19 people are prioritizing self-care more than ever. As a result, we need to reimagine well-being that is not exclusive to our personal lives and as something that should be integral to our working lives too.
  • Recognition and Respect: Recognition is not just about the monetary reward but also about appreciating the team around you rather than taking them for granted. Take the time to listen to different opinions because you may be pleasantly surprised about what your colleagues can bring to the table when given the opportunity.








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