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March comes in like a lion…

March 2014 | 6th Sense

… here’s what we’ve been up to this month:

Where we’ve been… Mostly London – Bank, Bishopsgate, Canary Wharf (many, many times), Cannon Street, Euston, Mansion House, Moorgate, London Bridge, Southwark and Spitalfields – plus our usual caffeine hits in Bromley Market Square Starbucks; and a trip out to a country manor house on the outskirts of Swindon. Via the phone, our wanderings have been much more glamorous (no offence, Swindon), taking in Paris, Chicago and Toronto.

Who we’ve met… Three law firms; an engineering firm; a pharmaceuticals giant; two financial services institutions; and a logistics business (more interesting than it sounds). All global, naturellement. Some very lovely HRDs at a teeny networking event we hosted; a former colleague by chance in a corporate reception area in Canary Wharf; and two creative directors.

Fun stuff we’ve talked about… This year’s Oscar winners (‘Wolf of Wall St’ rightly overlooked, ‘12YAS’ gobsmacking); strong Belgian beer; DIY SOS (always a tear-jerker); Foxlow restaurant in Clerkenwell; Brussels; problematic children; problematic husbands.

Work stuff we’ve talked about… Ideas for sharing company news globally; the power of employee advocacy; methodologies for giving voice to employees; how to make a corporate event (actually, two corporate events) more interesting; suggestions for increasing adoption levels for ESNs like Yammer and Jive; collaboration, innovation, collaboration, innovation, collabo – well, you get the picture.

What we’ve made… Two beautiful visual identities; two films to share our thoughts on digital employees and employee advocacy; some top-notch award entries (fingers crossed!); designs for a mobile app and portal homepage; visual ideas for a game designed to encourage collaboration in trainee lawyers; three fantastic and not-at-all-cringey ideas to break the ice at a corporate event.

What we’ve drunk… Coffee, coffee, coffee, tea, coffee, coffee, (very) strong Belgian beer, coffee, coffee, diet coke; coffee.

If you’d like to have collaborative coffee and/or Belgian beer in Foxlow while we discuss Oscar-nominated movies, simultaneously reading a global corporate news channel via a mobile app and breaking the ice – well, we’re up for the challenge. So do get in touch – and here’s to the next few weeks being just as random.

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