“What do graduates want?” – a graduate’s perspective

14 April 2022
Recently Bright Network released their report on ‘What do graduates want?’ for 2022/3.  As a recent graduate, I was interested to learn more about what 14,234 graduates thought! First up, I was surprised that only 60% of students are planning on starting a graduate job straight after graduating.  Are graduates still concerned about entering the […]
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Operation turning round a failing change programme

15 March 2021
A failing change programme can be likened to organ rejection following a transplant operation. Over the years numerous reviews, articles and case studies from the likes of McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group have suggested that as many as 70-80% of change programmes fail. Strategic or large-scale change has a significant impact on a company’s ability to operate. The […]

Five ways to get employees on board with an engagement app

02 February 2021
Working from home and hybrid working are here to stay, so companies must find flexible new ways to engage their people. Non desk-based staff, those working on production lines or the shop floor need special consideration. Digital employee engagement apps that can be downloaded by staff onto smartphones or tablets are a good solution for connecting […]

Common Challenges of Having a Remote Workforce

29 November 2018
GUEST POST FROM KEVIN CONNER, FOUNDER OF DIGITAL EXITS. Please see profile below. Remote work is growing, and for good reason. For business owners, a remote workforce is much more affordable. It reduces the need for office space, supplies and equipment, and it can sometimes result in higher engagement and productivity. And for employees, remote […]

Brexit: why strong internal comms is more important now than ever

01 November 2018
Why Internal Communications is needed now more than ever with Brexit on the horizon. In times of uncertainty it is more important than ever to actively engage your teams and maintain honest and open communication.  As internal communicators, we know the devastating impact uncertainty and worry can have on organisations, on both a macro […]

Hiring in 2019: What Employers Need to Know

04 October 2018
GUEST POST FROM JOCK PURTLE, FOUNDER OF DIGITAL EXITS. Please see profile below.   The world we live in is constantly changing. AI and automation are rapidly reshaping the future of work, and myriad economic and social forces define the direction of our societies. As a result, to be and stay successful in the world […]

Frankenstein and the Future of Work

27 September 2018
LIFE IMITATING ART At a breakfast briefing put on by Gti recently, Dr Paul Redmond drew on an interesting comparison between Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the future of AI in the workplace. In Shelley’s Frankenstein, her creation starts to question its master. Will this be the same when AI starts to become commonplace in the […]

Loyalty, turnover and the pull of the gig economy

17 September 2018
It’s a two-way street when thinking about getting the most out of your work force and especially your millennials according to a 2018 survey report from Deloitte. In order to entice and retain talent, companies need to understand what is important to this cohort, and what they are not willing to sacrifice or negotiate on. […]

Oh for tech’s sake!

28 August 2018
It’s sometimes hard not to get caught up in all the exciting new tech out there, but as internal communicators we need to be wary of tech saturation when using it as a medium of communication.   It is important to think about the culture in your workplace, and how people like to communicate. Are […]

A breakfast of (future) champions

21 June 2018
This week Milkround hosted a Graduate Candidate Compass Insight Breakfast at Foyles bookshop. Several topics were covered, which provided insight into the hopes, fears and expectations of graduates in their careers. WISE, a campaign for gender balance in STEM spoke about how they’re seeking to encourage more women into these roles, from the classroom […]
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