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Brexit: why strong internal comms is more important now than ever

November 2018 | 6th Sense, Behaviours, Change Comms, Corporate Comms, Internal Communications, Leadership


Why Internal Communications is needed now more than ever with Brexit on the horizon.

In times of uncertainty it is more important than ever to actively engage your teams and maintain honest and open communication.  As internal communicators, we know the devastating impact uncertainty and worry can have on organisations, on both a macro level, and for the individuals feeling the strain.


Now is the time for reassurances, which can only be made if there are strong contingency plans which are successfully shared with teams. Forming a strong narrative and regularly reinforcing this will ensure employees feel like they are being kept informed and that their company is strong enough to get through the upcoming changes.

Prep your managers

It’s imperative to be well informed on potential Brexit outcomes, and how this may affect your employees, such as EU nationals, or those with spouses from the EU. There will be plenty of “how will it affect me?” questions, so preparing line managers for this and continuing to support them is integral to maintaining information flow and reassurance at all levels.

Address concerns

According to a survey from IoIC, 51% of internal comms practitioners cited Brexit as a major concern for Non-British workers. Perhaps what might damage some organisations more than the actual outcome of Brexit is a lack of certainty and poor communication with teams, leading to a breakdown in communication and loss of morale.

So, while any organisation should have a clear internal communications strategy of reassurance, information sharing and clear communication, it is of vital importance to ensure this extra strong as UK companies face a future of unknowns.


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