“What do graduates want?” – a graduate’s perspective

14 April 2022
Recently Bright Network released their report on ‘What do graduates want?’ for 2022/3.  As a recent graduate, I was interested to learn more about what 14,234 graduates thought! First up, I was surprised that only 60% of students are planning on starting a graduate job straight after graduating.  Are graduates still concerned about entering the […]
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The power of recognition and reward

24 March 2021
Recognising and rewarding employee’s efforts are an absolutely essential part of creating a great workplace culture. Research shows that not only does an effective recognition and reward programme make your employees happier, but it also gets them more engaged in their work. Change communications expert Wendy Moir explains how recognition and reward communications is done. How does recognition benefit […]

Psychological safety and speaking up

04 October 2019
At our most recent event we had two brilliant speakers covering topics which sparked lots of conversations around psychological safety in the workplace and the power of speaking up. Henry, founder of 106 Comms introduced the morning with a case study on building trust within an organisation. Anglo American demonstrated their commitment to people over […]

Woah! Good morning! Streamlining your comms

01 February 2019
You jump off the tube, scale the escalators, and step out into the biting cold London air. In fact it’s so cold you rush the whole way into work, even though you’re not late, and you don’t particularly want to be there any longer than necessary. But a warm cup of coffee has your […]

Grads, Employers and Ethics

06 December 2018
We attended the final Breakfast News event of 2018 at the Anthologist, hosted by Blackbridge and Group GTI. The overarching theme was around graduates and company ethics, the event aptly being named “who’s been naughty and who’s been nice?” with guest speaker Rev. Richard Coles shining some Christmassy light on the subject. Do the ethics […]

Leadership, Talent and Culture in iGaming

30 November 2018
Here’s a brief overview of our brochure, or download the full thing here Our new (yay!) free (extra yay!) downloadable brochure will give you invaluable insights into attracting and retaining talent, and building your capability in one of the fastest-growing and most competitive sectors in the world. In iGaming, the drive for growth and scale […]

4 major reasons why you need employer branding in 2019

26 November 2018
Our top four reasons why you need to start thinking about your 2019 employer branding:  Brexit/times of uncertainty Reduce hiring and marketing costs Improve retention by up to 28% Keep valuable employees engaged With it, your company runs as it should and no one bats and eye lid, but without it, cracks begin to show. […]

Brexit: why strong internal comms is more important now than ever

01 November 2018
Why Internal Communications is needed now more than ever with Brexit on the horizon. In times of uncertainty it is more important than ever to actively engage your teams and maintain honest and open communication.  As internal communicators, we know the devastating impact uncertainty and worry can have on organisations, on both a macro […]

Is the future of communication immersive?

24 October 2018
We recently attended a morning insight session put on by VMAGROUP. Here is a wonderful summary of the morning’s learnings by Mark Burrett (Senior Consultant, Internal Communications Practice at VMAGROUP).   ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈   Greater empathy; a lasting and provoking message; emotional responses up […]

Hiring in 2019: What Employers Need to Know

04 October 2018
GUEST POST FROM JOCK PURTLE, FOUNDER OF DIGITAL EXITS. Please see profile below.   The world we live in is constantly changing. AI and automation are rapidly reshaping the future of work, and myriad economic and social forces define the direction of our societies. As a result, to be and stay successful in the world […]
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