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What makes a great exhibition experience?

November 2017 | Employer Brand

This week, we were in Malta putting the finishing touches to an exhibition experience for one of our clients – featuring films, an app, VR, a code-breaking game and a bar. Here’s a sneak peak…

So what makes a great exhibition experience?

Clear message – okay, pretty obvious but it’s never more important than at an exhibition to be clear about your proposition.  Less not more words.  Signpost exactly what you do.  And tell your audience why they should come and talk.

Energy – we see too many stands with people waiting for passers-by to come over and talk to them.  Rarely does that happen, unless they already the brand or business, and have a specific need.  Get your best people on the

Experience – How can you give people an experience that is different from all the other exhibitors?  Maybe it’s a chance to win something or experience something different or simply a more immersive video experience.

Food or drink (or both) – whether you’re trying to sell a product or attract job seekers, food and drink still play a big part.  Coffee, chocolate, popcorn, even alcohol at some events – they are all factors in making your experience more entertaining than others.

Sound – okay, we’re not suggesting you go out and hire a DJ, but sound does make a difference – whether it’s music or simply a disruptive sound to announce winners or new people on the stand.

Go for it – surprise people; don’t just do what others do.  This week, we’ve seen stands handing out sushi, making cocktails, running competitions, doing card tricks, handing out pizza and much more.  Go for it; think of the great things you can do.

Measure – look at how you can measure the experience – everything from footfall (you can buy simple tools to do this) to visitor participation.  And don’t be afraid to ask people what they think of the experience…

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