Meet And Engage Webinar Write-Up: Fostering social mobility in your hiring process

30 April 2024
Last Tuesday, I was invited to a Meet & Engage session with Nicola Sullivan about fostering social mobility in your emerging talent hiring. The featured guest was none other than Glen McGowan, Group Head of Emerging Talent at HSBC. I grabbed a coffee, a biscuit, and logged on to listen… Sullivan set the scene by […]
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Winning the Robot Wars: Employer Branding for AI and Tech Talent

18 January 2024
At the recent CES and DAVOS conferences, the talk was of course dominated by AI.  While Meredith Whittaker, President of Signal, recently said on BBC Radio that all this talk is too much hype and threatening privacy, it’s clear that there’s a battle out there for AI and Tech Talent to help all kinds of […]

The devil’s in the data: measuring your employer brand

03 October 2023
Today we have access to far more data than ever before. But it still seems a bone of contention about how best to measure employer brand effectiveness. People still talk about impact on retention, when retention is dependent on so many factors, from family choices to salary hikes to ‘just wanting a change’. Surely, it’s […]

Bringing the Love to the IHR Employer Branding Conference

18 July 2023
Employer branding with more love.  This year, we at 106 brought the love to the IHR Employer Branding conference – and can we just say it was the perfect match. For the uninitiated, this conference is a gathering of Talent professionals and Employer Branding whizzes, all interested and invested in telling their organisation’s story to […]

Out of the ashes: the latest workplace trends in a changed environment

09 November 2022
Covid was the bushfire that burned away old work habits and attitudes and left bare and fertile ground for new ideas and practices to grow. A year on and the saplings of new behaviours have taken root, so grab your binoculars and let’s take a look at the new landscape.   At the 24-hour Inspiring […]

World Employer Branding Day: data, differentiation, stories and much more.

27 October 2022
In October 2022, over 600 employer branding professionals and enthusiasts gathered in Lisbon for the World Employer Branding Day.  A one-day conference sandwiched either side by a day of workshops and a tour of Lisbon. So what were the key themes from the 16 presentations made on the day? NB: these are not in order […]

Hector: My Work Experience at 106 Communications

25 July 2022
We were lucky enough to have Hector join us for 4 days for his work experience. With Adobe skills and a great attitude Hector fell into the work here in the office with no problem. Check out his video diary to follow his week in 50 seconds.

Five ways to attract new talent with communications

01 December 2020
2020 has been a terrible year for many industries but some sectors have actually experienced rapid growth this year. The impact of lockdown and working from home has had a positive impact on online grocery sales, biotech and online gaming. Research shows that video gamers in the United States spent 45% more time playing video games […]

Rethinking early careers practice

12 November 2020
An esteemed list of early careers experts called for a rethink on graduate recruitment at our Autumn Not On Campus COVID Catch-Up in October. Sasha Morgan, Director of the Social Mobility Commission, Dr Paul Redmond, Director of Student Experience and Enhancement at the University of Liverpool joined a panel of UK graduate employers including Dan Doherty (Capgemini), Sam Meredith (Enterprise […]

How are finalists feeling about their prospects?

19 March 2020
Tuesday morning, day 3 in the isolation house! (Showing my age having watched too much Big Brother in the 90s!) I needed some human interaction outside of my immediate family (both hubbie and daughter now working from home and we are fighting over desk space, lack of avocados for lunch and rationed loo roll); so, […]
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