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Here’s a brief overview of our brochure, or download the full thing here

Our new (yay!) free (extra yay!) downloadable brochure will give you invaluable insights into attracting and retaining talent, and building your capability in one of the fastest-growing and most competitive sectors in the world.

In iGaming, the drive for growth and scale is huge. In Malta alone, the country is home to around 300 gaming companies, 450 licenses and a workforce of over 10,000 people which contributes to $1.41 billion of the country’s economy (12% GDP!) All of this within a country of less than half a million people – and Malta is just one of the many examples of talent hubs in Europe.

Founders and Leadership Teams in high-growth businesses have to contend with  leaders, people and customers as their businesses grow from a small group of people to hundreds or even thousands of people.

Within you’ll find some suggestions of things companies can do, such as:

  • Ensure you have a clear purpose
  • Inspire communication
  • Define culture and values
  • Engage candidates
  • Plan great inductions
  • Share customer stories your teams can engage with

Our brochure goes into more detail about how to build these into your company in an organic way that will help to foster talent, leadership and a great culture that will take your iGaming company from strength to strength. So, take your company to the next level and download our Leadership, Talent and Culture in iGaming brochure here!

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