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6th Sense

Why the best employers let the stories speak for themselves.

September 2014 | Employee Engagement, Employer Brand, Storytelling

Take a look at some of the world’s leading employers and what’s immediately striking is the power of the stories that surround them.

Stories of Google bikes, canteens and that 20%; of Coca-Cola’s marketing innovations; of Unilever’s strong performance culture and free ice creams; of Mars’s five principles; of McDonalds’ academy and commitment to learning; of Iceland’s amazingly happy people; of GE’s leadership and succession planning; of the pride of being an IBM-er, for life.

These stories don’t simply do the rounds because they hired an agency to create a brand campaign for them or had a few brand ambassador workshops.  They come from a vision and desire to build something that will succeed because the people in it want to be there.

Whether that’s because there’s the freedom to question and challenge, the trust to work from home when you need to, the chance to eat as much as you like at lunchtime, the opportunity to get somewhere on merit, or simply the satisfaction of doing something for a colleague.

If they want to be there, they will want to share that feeling with those people they know.  That’s only human.  We’re social animals, and we love to share.

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