The ’10 and 2′ rule for Travelex

08 July 2024
Special thanks to Kate Cawood, Head of Communications at Travelex, for sharing a few secrets for good internal communication. We all know how it feels. Someone slides over to your desk (pre-Covid) or into your inbox (post-Covid), and says can you send out this comms asap – no matter what time of the day or […]
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Breaking down the stigma: IOIC’s AI And Future of Internal Communications Event

17 November 2023
Embracing a changing landscape has never been so accessible.   This week, the humans of Team 106 journeyed to Riverside House to demystify the realities of AI with help from a recent white paper from the Institute of Internal Communications. As communicators, we were keen to learn what fresh insights they’d mined at the forefront of […]

Building belonging in five steps

23 October 2023
It’s a strange world right now.  Conflicts in Ukraine and Middle East, inflation still high, the chill winds of recession threatening, and yet employment is still high and the number of vacancies in the UK is just shy of a million.    In the midst of this turbulent environment, there seems to be a tendency for […]

Reimagining the Workforce: 106 at the Future of Work Conference

13 October 2023
The future of work has never been so bright! This week, Team 106 headed over to The Brewery bright and early for a jam-packed Wednesday, full of brilliant, and at times unexpected, insights on how we can mould the future of employee engagement. From some of the leaders shaping the world of internal comms, we […]

All the gear and no idea: getting to grips with the digital workplace

03 July 2023
“Work from anywhere.” Airbnb’s stance on remote working is largely seen as progressive in the face of industry stalwarts like JP Morgan battling to get people back in the office.  But as good as this flexibility sounds, we need to ask ourselves – is our digital workplace really fit for purpose? Or do we just […]

Glastonbury – eat your heart out! We’re covering the IoIC Fest 23

29 June 2023
The Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) Festival 2023 was the perfect culmination of fresh ideas, industry leaders and positive vibes. Across the two days, there were five concurrent streams of talks going on. Although we try, Lauren and I were unable to be in five places at once, so here are the headlines from the […]

Five steps to a shared culture

01 June 2023
A shared culture seems a no-brainer.  Why wouldn’t you want to have a shared culture across your organisation?  Why wouldn’t you want to create a consistent and unified employee experience, whether it’s in one location or hundreds? But the truth is that a shared culture is not always as common as people think – and […]

SimplyIC Event Download

31 May 2023
Capturing the best bits of an event is never easy, but when you’ve had 2 full days each with three streams of concurrent talks it’s nigh on impossible. So, to make it easy for you (and our content writer…), here are the broad strokes on the three big themes that emerged: AI meets IC, accessibility […]

Talking all things IC and engagement

16 May 2023
There is no better way to start the day than talking all things internal comms and engagement with a group of brilliant professionals over coffee and brekkie. Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of being joined by internal comms leaders from leading companies across the finance, travel, legal, retail, service and food industries. We hashed […]

Employee Engagement Summit Download

27 April 2023
As spring is slowly making itself known, an appropriate feeling of renewed energy and an outpouring of fresh ideas set the tone for the Engage Employee Summit at The Brewery. This is the Coachella of conferences – complete with a winding queue for entry and live music! – and it might just be one of […]
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