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4 major reasons why you need employer branding in 2019

November 2018 | Behaviours, Corporate Comms, Culture, Employee advocacy, Employee Engagement, Employer Brand, Health and Wellbeing, Internal Communications

Our top four reasons why you need to start thinking about your 2019 employer branding: 

  • Brexit/times of uncertainty
  • Reduce hiring and marketing costs
  • Improve retention by up to 28%
  • Keep valuable employees engaged

With it, your company runs as it should and no one bats and eye lid, but without it, cracks begin to show. The benefits are numerous, both financially and culturally. Employer branding can improve cost reduction as well as help to maintain valuable employees and foster talent. Below are the four key reasons so many companies work hard at their employer branding, and why it might be time to consider adopting a strategy of your own in 2019.

  1. Reassure in times of uncertainty

Having a strong employer brand can be a great way to protect your staff during times of uncertainty, through reassurance and transparency. Brexit is having an impact on all companies, whether from an operational point of view or for employees who may have concerns over their legal right to work post-Brexit.

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  1. Let your people do the talking

A happy and engaged workforce are of vital importance when considering the infinitely large social circles of each employee. If your staff genuinely enjoy where they work, although they may still have some gripes (no job is perfect!) they will also be likely to talk about how much they enjoy their time at work. This kind of advocacy is an invaluable way for employers to reach new potential talent, which is not only cost saving but likely to attract the kind of people you want working for you.

  1. Improve retention

Once you have a clear purpose and mission, it is easier for employees to feel a sense of belonging and a reason for doing what they do every day.  Employer branding can improve retention by up to 28%, but according to one study only 30% of companies use employer branding for this reason.

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  1. Keep valuable employees engaged

Engagement can increase productivity significantly. It’s a great way to get them excited about the direction the company is going and to take pride in their contribution to their company. 61% of workers would choose happiness at work over salary, which shows that it may take a little more than throwing money at people to encourage them to do their best work.

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