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Narrative Trumps Know-How

April 2016 | Culture, Storytelling

Recently my wife and I were having lunch in Stone Street, Manhattan, just a stone’s throw from Wall Street.

Next to us were two Wall Streeters tucking into nachos, guacamole and margaritas.

So who were they favouring in the race for a nomination?

‘Clinton’ – replied the man.

‘Trump’ – stated the woman.

Being the liberal, balanced people we are, we were a little gobsmacked.

‘But how is he qualified in any way to be President?’ we blurted out.

‘I’m a Republican, for one thing, and he’s prepared to speak his mind, unlike a lot of politicians.’

‘Especially on women, muslims and mexicans?’

We didn’t get an answer and left them to their lunch.

So, okay, you can point to Trump as a son of New York.  And maybe if you’re a Republican, is Cruz any more credible?

But Trump has created a narrative that America has gone to the dogs and he’s the only person who can Make America Great Again.

He may not have the ‘know-how’ of the more practiced politicians.  But there’s a reason why all of his opponents are suddenly spending $70 million on TV advertising specifically to attack him.

He’s shown that ‘narrative’ and positioning himself as the challenger brand can overcome a lack of political experience and win over seemingly well-balanced people.

Now if he’s gets that nomination (and the New York primary suggests he might), we are likely to see a different tone to the narrative…

Trump for President?  A year ago, you would have said it’s about as likely as Leicester winning the Premier League.  Now look how that’s turning out.

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