Grand gestures v everyday engagement

11 July 2022
The competition for talent (it’s not a war, people) and the drive to get people out of their pjs and into the office, has led a number of companies to make grand gestures. Parties, merchandise, nights out; one professional services firm even has a pub with free drinks now in its building .  There are […]
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Reimagining the Workforce: 106 at the Future of Work Conference

13 October 2023
The future of work has never been so bright! This week, Team 106 headed over to The Brewery bright and early for a jam-packed Wednesday, full of brilliant, and at times unexpected, insights on how we can mould the future of employee engagement. From some of the leaders shaping the world of internal comms, we […]

Your not-so-loyal servant

14 August 2023
Recently on the tablet of wisdom that is LinkedIn, a coach/consultant asked the people of LinkedIn to vote on whether managers should be rewarded for retaining staff. The people responded – by not voting!  Probably taken aback at being asked to consider whether managers would have it in their power to do this. Because retention […]

Dosh, dough, bees and honey – let’s get used to talking about MONEY

31 July 2023
Talking about money in the UK is hard, sometimes being seen as gauche or embarrassing particularly when you are asking for help. In a time when finances are changeable due to inflation and the dreaded cost of living is squeezing everyone, what can employers do to help when they aren’t able to raise salaries? Are […]

Diversity and inclusion: understanding the intersectionality of mental health in the workplace

20 July 2023
Written by Student Marketing Intern, Koy Rogers   I was recently listening to an online discussion held by Uptree around diversity, inclusion and belonging. They raised the topic of the diversity in mental health, lifestyles and needs and it got me thinking- what are the real implications of the diversity and the intersectionality within mental […]

Five steps to a shared culture

01 June 2023
A shared culture seems a no-brainer.  Why wouldn’t you want to have a shared culture across your organisation?  Why wouldn’t you want to create a consistent and unified employee experience, whether it’s in one location or hundreds? But the truth is that a shared culture is not always as common as people think – and […]

How your culture can make your brand more competitive?

30 March 2023
Culture seems to be the foundation on which so much pivots.  Either it seems to be cool and fun (Patagonia) or toxic and destabilising (DVLA).  Even some commentators tried to call out Silicon Valley Bank as a woke culture, more focused on diversity & inclusion than sound financial management. But culture shouldn’t simply be seen […]

Flexible working… to defy the Fates

28 March 2023
Since Clotho spun the thread of human fate at the dawn of humanity, people have been fighting to take control of their destiny. This may sound a little grandiose in the context of flexible working, but it shows how ingrained self-determination is and how important it is for satisfaction. The introduction of hybrid working during […]

What are values without behaviours?

28 February 2023
Values have long been touted as the crowning glory of a culture. Yet also a guilty conscience. When Barclays was embroiled in a banking scandal, out came the values in six-foot Perspex in the reception area of the Canary Wharf headquarters. Enron was known to have much lauded values, until it met its maker. Google […]

Organisations need to focus on the ‘WHY’ more than ever…

27 February 2023
As we know, the nature of the workplace has undergone a radical change since the start of the pandemic with the rise of hybrid and flexible working. However, it is not just how we work that has changed but also the mindset and mentality of the workforce. Employees are no longer satisfied with a command […]
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