Unlock change communications in six steps

15 May 2020

Many change programmes are stuck right now due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

But a well known statistic claims an estimated 70% of change programmes fail anyway, whether there is a global pandemic underway or not.

The main reasons change programmes fail are:

  • Poor communication (62%)
  • Insufficient leadership and support (54%)
  • Organisational politics (50%)
  • Lack of understanding of the purpose of the change (50%)
  • Lack of user buy-in (42%)
  • Lack of collaboration(40%)

(Source: Strativity, 2019)

Change communication is a critical part of every successful change management programme and every change should contain six basic elements.

The change vision

This is a one-sentence summary of what successful change will look like when it has taken place. For example: All Acme staff will wear a red tie by the end of 2021.

From-to state

The from-to state is a summary of the present situation and what it will be after the change has taken place. For example: 38% of Acme staff currently wear different coloured ties to work and 62% don’t wear ties at all. 80% of Acme staff will wear red ties by December 2021 with 100% compliance by the end of 2021.

Why now?

Here’s where to explain why change is needed now. For example, Our main competitor’s employees wear blue ties, so we want to differentiate our employees with red ties. Changes in legislation are taking place in 2021 when multi coloured ties are being made unlawful.

The burning platform

Summarise what is at stake if the change does not take place. For example, Acme could face fines if staff are still wearing multicoloured ties in 2021.

Success measures

Agree how successful change will be evaluated and measured? For example, 75% of staff will have stopped wearing multicoloured ties by August 2020 and 80% of staff will wear red ties by December 2020.

Change benefits

What good things that will happen when the change has taken place? For example, Acme will be recognised as the leader in our field when all employees are wearing red ties. 

Listen to the recording of Change Communications in Changed World here.

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