“What do graduates want?” – a graduate’s perspective

14 April 2022
Recently Bright Network released their report on ‘What do graduates want?’ for 2022/3.  As a recent graduate, I was interested to learn more about what 14,234 graduates thought! First up, I was surprised that only 60% of students are planning on starting a graduate job straight after graduating.  Are graduates still concerned about entering the […]
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The power of recognition and reward

24 March 2021
Recognising and rewarding employee’s efforts are an absolutely essential part of creating a great workplace culture. Research shows that not only does an effective recognition and reward programme make your employees happier, but it also gets them more engaged in their work. Change communications expert Wendy Moir explains how recognition and reward communications is done. How does recognition benefit […]

Operation turning round a failing change programme

15 March 2021
A failing change programme can be likened to organ rejection following a transplant operation. Over the years numerous reviews, articles and case studies from the likes of McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group have suggested that as many as 70-80% of change programmes fail. Strategic or large-scale change has a significant impact on a company’s ability to operate. The […]

Eight secrets of successful change communications

04 December 2020
2020 has been a year of major change. A nation of 67 million people changed their work pattern to working from home overnight. Although this year has been exceptional, change is not new.  Most organisations undergo major change about once every three years. Every change is different and can be grouped into three main categories. […]

How to get change communications right

02 December 2020
Change programmes are high profile, costly and time consuming so need to bet set up to succeed. These ten tips will ensure your change communications get off to a flying start and remain steady during turbulent times. Agree sponsor engagement up front Your sponsor is a crucial advocate for the change and will be interfacing […]

What Scouts can teach us about change readiness

02 December 2020
Scouting is a global youth service movement established in 1908 by British Soldier Lord Robert Baden Powell. “Be Prepared” is the Scouting motto devised by Baden-Powell in 1907 and published in the Scouting manual a year later. Upon hearing the Scouts’ motto, someone asked Baden-Powell the inevitable question: “Prepared for what, Lord Baden-Powell?” “Why, prepared […]

Mergers, acquisitions and the cost to culture

27 September 2020
Large organisational changes such as mergers and acquisitions cost companies an estimated 12% to 15% of revenue, largely due to leadership failing to consider the impact of cultural changes on employees. When we join an employer, we enter into a psychological contract with them. It’s the unwritten ‘deal’ between employer and employee and our mutual expectations […]

Unlock change communications in six steps

15 May 2020
Many change programmes are stuck right now due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. But a well known statistic claims an estimated 70% of change programmes fail anyway, whether there is a global pandemic underway or not. The main reasons change programmes fail are: Poor communication (62%) Insufficient leadership and support (54%) Organisational politics (50%) Lack […]

Successful change management is agile and Agile

15 May 2020
One of the burning question on the minds of those of us involved in change programmes at present is “will change management change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and if so, how?” Change management itself must adapt in the current environment where greater uncertainty, fewer resources and increased velocity of change is the norm. Organisations […]
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