Reimagining the Workforce: 106 at the Future of Work Conference

13 October 2023

The future of work has never been so bright!

This week, Team 106 headed over to The Brewery bright and early for a jam-packed Wednesday, full of brilliant, and at times unexpected, insights on how we can mould the future of employee engagement. From some of the leaders shaping the world of internal comms, we were pressed to learn –

  • How do we attract and retain people from all generations?
  • What are the key forces shaping the future of the workforce – and are they fads or real?
  • How do we create a workplace culture that is unified, purposeful, and engaged?

Here are some key insights we came away with…

“AI won’t replace you, but someone using AI might.” -Sebastian Hoff, Staffbase

Artificial Intelligence was, as always, a consistent hot topic at the conference. Sebastian Hoff arrived to debunk myths and calm fears about the role AI will play in the workplace… and whether it could put others’ roles on the back burner. We know that AI cannot replace people – and in turn, can’t replace comms. Rather, it can support your efficiency in creating the authentic narratives that are at the heart of internal communications.

“The outside needs to be consistent with the inside.” -David MacLeod, Engage for Success

Organisations with high diversity levels are 21% more profitable. As values from external and internal stakeholders evolve, we can capitalise on these changes. Ultimately, it is the people issues that make or break organisations: when we integrate such issues into strategy, leadership is perceived as more outwardly strong and empowering, providing a strategic narrative about the organisation itself.

“You have to surprise and delight people at all levels.” -Sam Bleazard, Fortnum and Mason

We are all aware of the role storytelling plays in employee branding, in crafting a sense of authenticity. The power of storytelling is more vital than ever, because storytelling goes hand in hand with content. Organisations need stories that cut through the noise – stories that excite whoever is reading or watching. As the workplace transitions through changes, maintaining engagement means understanding what it takes to get people excited about the role they play and the power they have.

“The right culture is a culture that connects.” -Hafsa Aziz, SMRS

Whether we like it or not, everything is shifting: preference, focus, language, and more. Employers need to consider… what is the value we get out of our choices? Creating and maximising value in culture is key in a future of work where employees are craving community.

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