The first Internal Comms Leaders Breakfast of 2024

01 February 2024

On a winter Thursday morning, the 106 team and a range of comms enthusiasts gathered for a bright and filling breakfast to discuss the internal communications in the modern age. Everyone piled into a very fast-moving elevator and rode it all the way up to the 40th floor at Duck and Waffle for a subtle blend of yoghurt, sausages, and discussion.  

We all became acquainted as we poured coffees in sight of the Gherkin, introducing ourselves, our companies, and particular issues with internal comms that had presented themselves in the last year. A consistent theme seemed to be the issue of prioritisation and designating key value-based results in campaign creation.  

Over croissants and yoghurt, talk turned to flexible working and how and why companies want to get their employees back working under one roof. This led to discussing how much did this come from a genuine desire to foster teamwork and belonging and how much was it to give organisations more credibility. On the one hand, there was tangible benefits to having touchstones for a workforce, there was also concerns about finding means of empowering employees on timetables that suited them.  

As sausage and eggs were brought out, May Holloway took us through her experience of working with the British Transport Police, a job that brought her face to face with long-standing cultural issues within an organisation. This led to a wider discussion on engaging difficult to reach members of the workforce on topics like institutional racism, misogyny, and homophobia. One sticking point was how much societal concerns outside of the organisation impact this and how much they can be mitigated. The more interesting aspects was the means of fostering a culture of speaking up within an organisation and creating spaces for people to engage with these discourses organically and truthfully. 

Ultimately, it felt like we were digging into what internal communications can do at their best. If carried out in the right fashion, there can be significant impact in how people conduct themselves, the consideration they develop for other employees, and the definitions of what the company stands for. Discussions about inclusivity are hindered by lack of action and undermine the moral standing of any company. By working cohesively and focussing on clear discussion, real solutions can emerge.  

It was a wonderful and engaging way to start the day and we’d like to thank everyone who made it so informative and fun.  

If you are interested in taking part in our next future Internal Comms Leaders Breakfast, reach out to !

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