A virtual trust fall:Keeping trust at the heart of your internal comms strategy

22 July 2021
As we move into a new phase of hybrid working environments, we must keep our internal communications healthy and strong to maintain mutual trust and ensure the wellbeing of every employee and ultimately the organisation.   The weekly company update that once got half-hearted glance gained significance in the pandemic when internal communications became vital for organisations to navigate their way through the volatile pandemic […]
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How a young millennial finally understood the big deal about company purpose.

15 September 2021
Late to the party: How a young millennial finally understood the big deal about company purpose When I started my internship at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in autumn, 2016, I didn’t know what I was in for. Having spent the previous five years working in and managing cafés and teaching piano to […]

Insight into the Future of Work Trends

01 September 2021
The rapid change in work trends go well beyond the question of ‘2 days in and 3 days out, or 3 days in and 2 days out?’. Trends that were emerging before Covid have gained momentum as the pandemic accelerated the integration of new technologies and communication tools into our work processes. The IoIC released […]

From Words to Actions: Getting Your Team Engaged with ESG

18 August 2021
For the past 18 months we have been focussed on the immediate threat of the coronavirus and the Extinction Rebellion protests of 2019 feel like a distant memory.    But that’s all changing…   The release of the IPCC report this month warning of a Code Red for humanity is the first jolt to bring climate change back to the top of the agenda. […]

Why should internal communications get a seat at top table?

07 April 2021
After the global crisis of 2020, internal communications (IC) has a more visible role than ever with organisations and leaders. We are being asked to deliver more with less – money, time and people. But does IC operate as the “internal post office”, or could be we being more strategic? Are we focusing on outputs […]

The power of recognition and reward

24 March 2021
Recognising and rewarding employee’s efforts are an absolutely essential part of creating a great workplace culture. Research shows that not only does an effective recognition and reward programme make your employees happier, but it also gets them more engaged in their work. Change communications expert Wendy Moir explains how recognition and reward communications is done. How does recognition benefit […]

Is there still a place for employee magazines?

01 November 2020
Henry Davies argues it could be time to junk the office magazine once and for all. Internal communications has moved on from the days of the memo (piece of paper in a big brown envelope with lots of names on it, some ticked off). They looked like this: But the company magazine for employees is […]

Back to the office communications

08 June 2020
Many of us are starting to think about a return to office working as lockdown eases. The Government has published Working Safely During Coronavirus (Covid-19) but it still leaves many questions unanswered. Do I have to wear a face mask? Do I have to return to the office if I don’t want to? How can I […]

Four ways to engage employees after lockdown

08 June 2020
The past nine weeks of lockdown have seen huge demands placed on line managers by their leaders and teams.  Line managers must now lead their teams through a smooth transition back to the office as lockdown is eased, while maintaining employee engagement and their own wellbeing. So line managers are hugely influential when it comes to […]

Seven things we learnt at Simply-IC Live

26 May 2020
We joined hundreds of communications professionals at the Simply-IC Live organised by Simply Communicate for a packed afternoon of talks, discussion and insights. Here’s what we learnt. Don’t mess with Sir Martin Sorrell. Don’t mess with the godfather of the marketing world, especially if you work in internal communications. He was unequivocal about internal communicators […]
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