Grand gestures v everyday engagement

11 July 2022
The competition for talent (it’s not a war, people) and the drive to get people out of their pjs and into the office, has led a number of companies to make grand gestures. Parties, merchandise, nights out; one professional services firm even has a pub with free drinks now in its building .  There are […]
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Five steps to a shared culture

01 June 2023
A shared culture seems a no-brainer.  Why wouldn’t you want to have a shared culture across your organisation?  Why wouldn’t you want to create a consistent and unified employee experience, whether it’s in one location or hundreds? But the truth is that a shared culture is not always as common as people think – and […]

Empower your leaders and teams with coaching

27 May 2021
Dana Poole, Change Communications Lead at Shell, shares her experience with 106 Communications of motivating leaders and teams with coaching. I never thought of myself as a coach, but I think throughout my career as a change and communications professional I talked to, trained, and supported people. Sometimes I shared my experiences and advised younger […]

How to improve employee engagement

28 October 2019
Employers no longer hold the power when it comes to talent. Nearly three quarters of employees fall within the “high-retention-risk” category, and the reason most cited is due to having nowhere else to go on their current organisation’s career ladder. They are confident too, with 53% sure that if they quit or lost their current […]

Value to society

15 July 2019
There’s no doubt that it is more important than ever to show your value to society.  This can be looked at as a combination of your services (i.e. what value do these actually bring to society?), your direct operations (and how they impact on jobs, communities, environment and so on), and your supply chain (and […]

Leaders, do you have a legacy to stand on?

18 February 2019
When a leader leaves their job – and one day, they of course will – what will be their legacy?  What will colleagues, observers and the industry at large think that they achieved? Very few leaders think about this when they start on their leadership journey.  And why should they? They start to assume new […]

Woah! Good morning! Streamlining your comms

01 February 2019
You jump off the tube, scale the escalators, and step out into the biting cold London air. In fact it’s so cold you rush the whole way into work, even though you’re not late, and you don’t particularly want to be there any longer than necessary. But a warm cup of coffee has your […]

Leadership, Talent and Culture in iGaming

30 November 2018
Here’s a brief overview of our brochure, or download the full thing here Our new (yay!) free (extra yay!) downloadable brochure will give you invaluable insights into attracting and retaining talent, and building your capability in one of the fastest-growing and most competitive sectors in the world. In iGaming, the drive for growth and scale […]

Brexit: why strong internal comms is more important now than ever

01 November 2018
Why Internal Communications is needed now more than ever with Brexit on the horizon. In times of uncertainty it is more important than ever to actively engage your teams and maintain honest and open communication.  As internal communicators, we know the devastating impact uncertainty and worry can have on organisations, on both a macro […]

Is the future of communication immersive?

24 October 2018
We recently attended a morning insight session put on by VMAGROUP. Here is a wonderful summary of the morning’s learnings by Mark Burrett (Senior Consultant, Internal Communications Practice at VMAGROUP).   ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈   Greater empathy; a lasting and provoking message; emotional responses up […]
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