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The power of story-telling in helping to engage colleagues, candidates and clients.

January 2014 | Storytelling

At the RAD Awards 2014, Accenture and 106 picked up the award for Best Employee Engagement.  What a night! But now that the headache is kicking in, why are story-telling programmes so good for business?

Here’s our view.

Stories.  We can’t get enough of them.  In books.  Through films.  On Facebook.  In fact, stories are often what connect us.  They satisfy our curiosity.  They make us think.  And invariably they make us feel.

In business, story-telling can take dry, disorganised and seemingly irrelevant information, and make it inspiring, relevant and important.

We’ve seen how it can engage colleagues, encourage collaboration and drive innovation.  But, more than that, it can have a real impact on business development, brand and customer experience.

It brings to life your business in new and interesting ways – and in the days of the knowledge economy, the best organisations are using stories to build real differentiation.

So how do you go about creating a story-telling programme?  Here’s a few pointers.

Set out why you want to do it

Identify storytellers and sponsors

Inspire your audience

Celebrate the art of storytelling

Show the value to the business

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