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More than just a pet project

More than just a pet project

Employer Branding

A disruptive force in the industry

The Vet is a practice like no other.  There are no bookings; you just turn up.  It is invariably bigger and more well equipped than any other vet practice.  There are separate waiting areas for dog and cats!  And the business is launching more and more practices across the country.  Against such as great growth story, we came in to help market the company to new and qualified vets and veterinary nurses.

Showcasing a distinct proposition

We created a campaign which brought to life the core selling points of the practice for clinicians – from ‘Take all the space you need’ to ‘Experience treatment rooms that are a real treat’.  It was brilliant to go into a practice and be able to photograph the environment and of course the animals themselves.  No shaggy dog story, that’s for sure!

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