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The GiGBOX experience

The GiGBOX experience

Corporate Storytelling

A high-growth business

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) is a fast-growing disruptor in the world of iGaming.  Like any high-growth business, it’s imperative to build their reputation at every possible opportunity.  In iGaming, conferences are a big part of marketing your services and connecting with clients – especially in the B2B space that GiG primarily operates in.

The GiGBOX is born

We have created a truly immersive experience for conferences called the GiGBOX.  Here we showcase the products and services in films playing on a bank of TVs and on a specially-built app.   We have created a Virtual Reality experience that flies you over Malta, the home of GiG.  We’ve also introduced games to create another buzz, including our latest innovation, the GiG STORM.

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