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Virtual Reality and the employee

October 2017 | Digital Employee, Storytelling

This week, we’ve been in Malta.  Flying a drone.  Well, we weren’t flying it.  We had two of the best from Germany flying an amazing rig.  Insured to over £120,000, we’d never have known drones were worth so much, unless we had to sign the insurance papers!

We were there helping to create a 360 VR experience for a client.

But more of that some other time.

So what’s the potential of VR for organisations?  Here are our thoughts:

Just take a look at the new Star Wars VR experience and you can see the potential of what VR can do.  Here you are not just one lone soul playing a game, you are working as a team.

This is a game changer.  Traditionally VR was seen as a one-person experience, and essentially once experienced, it wouldn’t be needed again.  But the reality (sic) today is different.  If organisations can start to create experiences which help to educate as well as excite, and can be experienced again and again, then we’ve got something amazing for colleagues to take part in and learn from.

We’ve already seen Capp using virtual reality to take graduates on an assessment experience.

Imagine if Virtual Reality can be taken into areas of onboarding, learning and development, exec coaching and much much more.

Suddenly we are not experiencing training through a conventional interface (a browser) or even a classroom; we are able to immerse ourselves in a situation – how much better is that as a learning experience.

We’re already seeing virtual reality surgery to help train surgeons, people can have meetings around the world using virtual reality, and the world of engineering and construction is benefiting massively from the growth of this technology.

Now, I hear you say, we don’t have the dizzy budgets of Disney.  Of course, but the costs of entry are so much less now – probably a lot less than a management away-day.

Of course, one day soon we’ll all be walking around in our own world…

Oh, we already are!!

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