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Meetings, meetings and fewer meetings…

December 2015 | Collaboration, Culture

Meetings seem to be the (un)necessary evil of the modern business.

We need to talk about X.  Let’s have a meeting.

The client wants to discuss Y.  Let’s have a meeting.

A leader wants to cut Z.  Let’s have a meeting.

We need to organise the Christmas Party.  Let’s have a meeting (with mince pies).

Of course, collaboration is a good thing.  It leads to better outcomes.

But it doesn’t have to be a meeting.  Or it doesn’t have to be as long.  Or it can be standing up.  Or we can simply consult quicker.

Recently we’ve been doing some research with a global firm.

The criticism from colleagues?  Too many meetings leading to lower engagement and slower decision-making.

In fact, we often hear of leaders in organisations bouncing from one meeting to another.

How can that be a good thing?

Where’s the time to reflect on what’s been said or done?

Especially if everyone’s trying to catch up on their emails during the meetings.

There are tools out there to help teams collaborate, which do work.

We can all communicate better, whether as individuals or as organisations.

There’s also the discipline of managing time more effectively.

But then we wouldn’t look as busy or maybe as important as the next person.

And if you’re not ‘run off your feet’ or ‘heading to a high-powered meeting’, you’re just not pulling your weight, are you?

* sad face *

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