Why should internal communications get a seat at top table?

07 April 2021
After the global crisis of 2020, internal communications (IC) has a more visible role than ever with organisations and leaders. We are being asked to deliver more with less – money, time and people. But does IC operate as the “internal post office”, or could be we being more strategic? Are we focusing on outputs […]
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Our top 10 to engaging Gen Z in a time of Covid

26 March 2021
As many graduate employers head fast into Q2 2021 with a likely mountain of graduate applications, the pressure is unrelenting with the need to start planning for the 2021-2 recruitment campaign. In this article, we will explore 10 key things about Generation Z that employers might find useful when planning their student communications for the […]

The power of recognition and reward

24 March 2021
Recognising and rewarding employee’s efforts are an absolutely essential part of creating a great workplace culture. Research shows that not only does an effective recognition and reward programme make your employees happier, but it also gets them more engaged in their work. Change communications expert Wendy Moir explains how recognition and reward communications is done. How does recognition benefit […]

106 Communications offers pro bono support to fight Covid-19

22 April 2020
The Covid-19 crisis has changed the world of work almost overnight. Hundreds of employees are off sick, furloughed or wondering if they will have a job at all in a few months’ time. Remaining employees are facing an increased workload or worse still, mental or physical burnout. Leaders and managers are required to show strength […]

Psychological safety and speaking up

04 October 2019
At our most recent event we had two brilliant speakers covering topics which sparked lots of conversations around psychological safety in the workplace and the power of speaking up. Henry, founder of 106 Comms introduced the morning with a case study on building trust within an organisation. Anglo American demonstrated their commitment to people over […]

Value to society

15 July 2019
There’s no doubt that it is more important than ever to show your value to society.  This can be looked at as a combination of your services (i.e. what value do these actually bring to society?), your direct operations (and how they impact on jobs, communities, environment and so on), and your supply chain (and […]

Attraction and marketing for early careers

15 May 2019
Thank you to ISE for a brilliant set of talks around attraction and marketing for early careers. Here are a few highlights! A shrinking pool Since 2009, the number of 18-year-olds in the UK has been declining. This means a smaller talent pool for early careers employers to target, which can only mean one thing […]

The Apprenticeship Levy and Social mobility

22 March 2019
The number of people starting apprenticeships in 2017/18 has decreased since 2016/17. Could this be because people see them as less valuable? There is a high level of general support for apprenticeships, with 95% of parents believing that more young people doing apprenticeships straight out of school is a good thing for the UK. Despite […]
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