Grand gestures v everyday engagement

11 July 2022
The competition for talent (it’s not a war, people) and the drive to get people out of their pjs and into the office, has led a number of companies to make grand gestures. Parties, merchandise, nights out; one professional services firm even has a pub with free drinks now in its building .  There are […]
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Diversity and inclusion: understanding the intersectionality of mental health in the workplace

20 July 2023
Written by Student Marketing Intern, Koy Rogers   I was recently listening to an online discussion held by Uptree around diversity, inclusion and belonging. They raised the topic of the diversity in mental health, lifestyles and needs and it got me thinking- what are the real implications of the diversity and the intersectionality within mental […]

“Deep empathy” to drive real change around dyslexia in the workplace

12 April 2023
£50,000 is a lot of money to lose… but that was the fate of M&S after they dismissed dyslexic employee Rita Jandu for ‘rushing’ and making ‘mistakes’. In fact, management had failed to recognise that Rita was communicating in a style that worked for her and her neurodivergence. M&S not only suffered a financial blow […]

Social mobility in early careers

30 March 2023
Diversity, equality and inclusion is the No.1 challenge faced by employers when recruiting, and research shows that gender and ethnicity remain the focus area for most organisations. Social mobility on the other hand, does not receive the same attention. As we navigate the cost of living crisis, we mustn’t neglect this aspect of DE&I which […]

In conversation with…Dr Antonia Sudkaemper

29 March 2023
Following on from International Women’s Day on the 8th March 106 Comms is in conversation with Dr Antonia Sudkaemper, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, ICAEW. Antonia is an accomplished Diversity and Inclusion professional with global experience developing evidence-based strategies and implementing impactful interventions, both in-house and as a consultant. Antonia’s mission is to create inclusive organisational […]

Our experience with #10000BlackInterns, and find out about #10000AbleInterns.

01 November 2022
With applications now open for #10000AbleInterns, we wanted to share our experience participating in #10000BlackInterns.   The programme’s mission is to support black heritage students and graduates realise their potential and transform their horizons with paid internships across more than 25 sectors. Since the programme began two years ago over 2500 internships have been completed across over 700 participating […]

Diversity – it’s not just about the ladies

28 February 2019
Increasingly, women are making inroads into male dominated industries, but little emphasis is placed on men catching up in female dominated industries. Companies can’t be selective about where to push for equality – it should be happening across the board.   Nursing – From Sisters to Charges   In the US in 1970, only 2.7% […]

A breakfast of (future) champions

21 June 2018
This week Milkround hosted a Graduate Candidate Compass Insight Breakfast at Foyles bookshop. Several topics were covered, which provided insight into the hopes, fears and expectations of graduates in their careers. WISE, a campaign for gender balance in STEM spoke about how they’re seeking to encourage more women into these roles, from the classroom […]

Myths, heroes and inclusion

09 March 2018
The central premise of the book, Mythomania: Tales of Our Times from Apple to ISIS, is that myths are something we go to to give us our bearings, to help us resolve contradictions that we find intolerable.  In short, myths can help us to make meaning of things.  The myths of the ancients helped peoples of that […]

Inclusion gets Royal approval – but will it change anything?

06 September 2017
For many years, the engineering profession has been talking about diversity – or, more to the point, the lack of it. Despite a whole series of initiatives and plenty of goodwill, what has actually changed? The profession has long highlighted the lack of women in the profession – yet only 9 per cent of professional […]
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