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Unlocking diversity for RBS

Unlocking diversity for RBS

Employer Branding

A campus experience

A bank like RBS can often divide job hunters – from those that want to work in a bank to those that have never considered it.  Often this means that banks receive a lot more applications from men than women.  RBS wanted to change that.  We worked with them to create a campus experience that would appeal to women (as well as men) and people from a non-finance background (as well as those studying a finance subject.


Engaging more women

It worked incredibly well.  Our installation rewarded curiosity (a series of lockers with special things inside), and promoted a side of banking that few had seen – from the first CEO of the bank inviting students to lunch (via a pre-recorded phone call) to CSR programmes, graduate experiences and how banks support local businesses.  We engaged the highest ever proportion of women (67%) and had a similar percentage of people from a non-finance background!


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