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Some of the world’s most successful people are neurodiverse. But would they have a chance of succeeding in your organisation?

We have partnered with Adjust to help support organisations in attracting, developing and engaging neurodiverse talent.  Together we have a mission to help organisations to turn neurodiversity into a strength, providing everything from education and manager training to recruitment analysis, workplace adjustments and all-colleague engagement. After all, our brains aren’t all wired the same.

So what is Neurodiversity?

The CIPD defines Nuerodiversity as:
“Neurodiversity refers to the natural range of differences in human brain function. Amongst employers, it’s become the term used to describe alternative thinking styles including dyslexia, autism, ADHD and dyspraxia as they relate to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. These can have unique strengths, ranging from data-driven thinking to sustained focus over long periods, an ability to spot patterns and trends, and the capacity to process information at extraordinary speeds.”

neurodiversity statistics


What are you doing to make yourself more attractive and accessible to the neurodiverse?  We can help you on everything from decoding those job ads to employer brand messaging, promoting yourself as one of the most inclusive employers around.


You could be rejecting neurodiverse talent by the way you assess and select talent.  Together we can advise you on key adjustments to make along the way and brief recruiters, to help you become open and accessible to neurodiverse talent.


Different people will have different learning styles, different strengths and of course, different expectations of how they want to develop. It’s important to have an understanding of what this means for your organisation.


Environment, unwritten rules, noise, job requirements, recognition and much more can affect whether people are comfortable in their roles. We can help you build an engagement strategy to retain neurodiverse talent.

Currently we are undertaking a survey to understand what support employers want in the world of neurodiversity. Take part here

If you would like to discuss any aspect of recruiting and engaging neurodiverse talent, please email Henry@106comms.com or call him on +442035449121

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