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The thing of inbox nightmares

February 2020 | Internal Communications

A company recently told me that they send 45,000 emails a day.

This is a company of 750 people.

So, on average, each person is sending 60 emails a day.

Say two thirds of them are sent to my immediate network (9 people).

That means that every person in that network is receiving up to 400 emails a day.

Now imagine that in any given day, the average person has 3 hours when they are not in meetings.

Or at lunch, taking a ‘comfort break’ or making a coffee.

I could be reading and answering an 2.2 emails every minute.

Or I’m not.  I’m deleting, saving for later or simply ignoring the vast majority of them.

Surely this isn’t the best way to communicate, be productive or collaborate?!

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