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Success Criteria and Change Plan Checklist for Change Programmes

May 2020 | Internal Communications

Recently we held a webinar on Change Communications in a Changed World.  You can listen to the recording here.

We had a great discussion and it’s clear that many projects are in a state of flux right now, with 45% of those polled saying they are re-planning or re-evaluating change programmes.

Many are having to accelerate or refocus change programmes following the disruption caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

The 106 Communications Success Criteria and Change Plan Checklist are designed to do this.  It is a diagnostic approach to help unlock programmes or refocus change.


The Success Criteria

It is estimated that 70% of our change programmes fail, and one of the principal reasons for failure was identified in our webinar as Lack of Understanding.  While communication is critical to the success of any programme (and ranks highest in research by Strativity), it’s obvious that change programmes don’t clearly articulate their vision, journey and progress in a way that people understand the principles behind the change, as well as what it means for them.

Our Success Criteria is focused on being SMART in our vision and objective setting, and being clear about the how, why and what.


The Change Plan Checklist

This forms part of a comprehensive analysis of a change programme.

We assess each of these different areas to understand what the barriers might be to progressing the project, and also where resources and focus needs to be.  Sometimes barriers can focus on stakeholders not being successfully engaged and holding up progress; equally it could be that the learning resources aren’t in place for everyone to move forward comfortably; or it could be simply that timelines and milestones need re-evaluating.

Find out more about  106 Communications Success Criteria and Change Plan Checklist and how we can unlock change programmes or re-align priorities.  Contact Henry@106comms.com

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