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Out of the Bunker: developing your internal comms strategy

January 2020 | Employee Engagement, Internal Communications

Our latest 106 Comms event featured the wonderful Mark Bunker, Head of Communications at Aldermore Bank.  He took us through the why, what and how of developing an Internal Comms Strategy.  Here are some of his top tips:

Start with purpose and objectives – a no-brainer perhaps, but if it’s not aligned to the company purpose and strategy, is it worth the word doc it is written on?  If in doubt, go read Simon Sinek.  The main barrier here is knowing what the company strategy and purpose is!

Love your data – data is everything; if you don’t have any, find a way to get some.  Some people are doing ongoing data gathering; others will have to strip back and conduct an audit.  Importantly, don’t just look at channels; focus on the effectiveness of your comms and content.

The disease to please – being an Internal Comms Leader is not about being well liked and jumping at every request, it’s important to step back and focus on the priorities; and that can make stoping and scraping some of the previous pillars of your internal comms.  For example, do you really need a printed magazine?

Gold, silver, bronze – Mark showed us a great way of prioritising.  Set out a gold, silver, bronze of priorities and stick to them.  For example, is gold focused on large change transformations?  Is bronze much more about town halls, recognition and light-touch initiatives?  We can spend too much time on a volunteering day, when change is much more important!

Many thanks to Mark for coming along and sharing his approach – a real insight into the process of internal comms strategy.  If you’d like to come along to one of our future events, take a look at our events page.

That’s all for now, folks.

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