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“We’re all fine.” Why we need to talk about mental health.

September 2016 | Diversity, Health and Wellbeing

How are you?

“I’m fine”

We’re all fine.

At least, that’s what we tell each other at work.

We may say we’re busy, under the cosh, a bit stressed or completely swamped.

But we rarely, if ever, admit that we’ve got a mental health issue.

Because that labels us.

It’s a stigma.

It shows weakness.

How can you possibly be good at your job if there’s a problem in your head?

The truth is that one in four of us will have a mental health issue at some time in our lives.

In fact, one in six of the working population has a mental health condition right now.

But mental health is something we often fear talking about.

At a recent Disability Café, run by My Plus Consulting, we heard amazing stories from people who did want to talk about mental health.

We heard how we should focus on our mental health in the same way as our physical health.

We heard how you can be going through a severe condition but still be promoted at work.

We heard how line managers can be an amazing support.

We heard how a person’s shameful secret can turn into their USP.

We heard how employers need to ask the right questions – and listen.

We heard how stories and role models change perceptions.

We heard from Andy, Helen, Adam, Sylvia, Jess and Ankur.

We heard that we all need to be part of the conversation.

We heard.

We hope you do too.


As ever, a special thanks to Helen Cooke and My Plus Consulting for the invitation. 


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