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We’ve been working with more and more high-growth businesses. Each one is different.  Some are wondering how they can retain the same disruptive and innovative culture they had when they first started; others are trying to bring people together under common values; many are finding it tough to attract the right type of talent.  So we decided to create a resource that could help.  Welcome to the Growth Lab.  Here, we focus on some of the big challenges facing high-growth businesses, share insights from around the world, and talk about some of the solutions that can help.  Don’t forget to sign up for our Growth Lab newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Challenges for high-growth businesses

Wearing too many hats, firefighting and losing energy

Focus on what's important. Empower your team to make decisions. Take time for yourself. And invest in a mentor.

Maintaining integrity by not cutting corners and staying true to vision

Remind yourself why you started. Put faith in the vision and values you began with. And trust your judgement.

Engaging employees and managing performance

Maintain an open dialogue. Have frequent check-ins. Don't confuse satisfaction for performance. And have fun.

Maintaining a culture of growth and innovation

Involve everyone in ideas generation. Encourage collaboration across teams. Support continuous learning.

Recruiting the right talent and onboarding

Possibly the biggest frustration for high-growth companies. Look at their reputation and define your proposition, and invest in your talent pipeline.

Not losing sight of the customer

As companies grow from the few to the many, processes can sometimes get in the way of what made you great in the first place. Take the Amazon view, always focus on Day One!

A few things to focus on

There's enough blarney about authenticity out there. We assume you're authentic. So let's move on to finding the right style for your leadership messages and how to inspire your team and the wider business. It can involve everything from town halls, blogs and coffee Q&As to defining your narrative.
Sure, strategy is great, and you need to have a good one to achieve your end goal, but don't forget the "why"! We help organisations to define and communicate their purpose internally so everyone knows what and why they are working towards something.
Values help to promote accountability of both the individual and the organisation. We help to make them more than a poster on the wall; something that is meaningful to all.
If you want to promote innovation within your company, you need to give your employees the confidence and scope to get creative. We help organisations to encourage idea generation and collaboration - in a way that is non-judgemental and has a purpose (rather than simply a bit of a laugh)!
We believe in the power of stories to attract great talent - the good and the not-so-good, because no one believes in a perfect company. And the best way to share these? Employee advocacy. Peer-to-peer sharing is more effective than any corporate or recruitment communication.
Culture is a huge aspect of customer experience, so ensuring you've got that internally will show externally. We work with organisations to grow the behaviours and understanding that makes for a happier and more informed employee, and therefore a better customer experience. Simples (well, not quite).

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