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Empower your graduates to tell their stories

May 2015 | Employer Brand, Storytelling, Student engagement

A storytelling programme is a powerful way to engage graduates (aka Millennials), build a strong internal community, share and collaborate, and create a community that is visible, inspiring, engaged, and connected to all parts of the business and leadership.  It also builds strong advocates for your organisation, all armed with a wealth of great stories.  But don’t simply use these stories in traditional marketing collateral; empower your graduates to connect with students, share their stories, open up a dialogue and draw the right people closer to your organisation.  It could be through social platforms or events; it could be focused on university partnerships and innovation programmes.  It should always continue right through a student’s journey to your organisation.  This is what Millennials want – peer-to-peer, authentic content, with the people who count – your graduates.  Is it time to empower your graduates to tell their stories?

Download our PDF on Graduate Storytelling which includes the ‘why’ and the ‘how’.

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