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Bring In Your Parents Day: good idea or every kid’s nightmare?

September 2014 | Employee Engagement, Internal Communications

Last year, LinkedIn launched Bring In Your Parents (BIYP) Day.  They not only encouraged their own employees to bring in their parents; but also encouraged organisations around the world to follow suit.  Although only a pilot, over 15,000 individuals in offices right around the world took part.

Here’s what it felt like last year.

This year, it’s happening again on November 6th 2014.  So is it a good idea or just a complete nightmare?  Bring a parent, I’d love to accompany my kids to work one day – if they’d let me.  It would make me feel proud, make me feel a bit closer to them, and hopefully help me understand more about what they are trying to do.  For employers, it certainly seems like a good idea.  It’s…

Good for engagement – it shows how much you value your employees and their family.  It also brings people together, creates a great buzz in the office and makes people proud of what they do.

Good for attracting talent – it’s another great story that only shows what a good employer you are.  Especially if you’re an early adopter.

Good for PR – BYIP promises to be much bigger this year, and there will be a lot of social buzz, on LinkedIn (naturally) as well as other platforms.

You can find out more and sign up here – www.biyp.linkedin.com

Will I be inviting my parents round?  Why not.  But if my dad so much as mentions my first day in junior school…



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