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Four secrets to a successful employee advocacy programme

December 2013 | Employee advocacy

1) Get senior buy in. You need to find the right senior person with the belief and credibility to make things happen. Think about the qualities which would make a good employee advocate in your business; consider appointing someone to lead the programme.

2) Start small. Run a pilot programme first within a single business unit; or use your programme to support a specific recruitment drive. Define your KPIs and measure them 12 weeks later.

3) Supply good content. Plan your content strategy for the next 3-6 months and share that plan with your employee advocates so they know what’s coming. Encourage them to find their own content based around your key content pillars.

4) Foster a sense of community within your employee advocacy group. Share and reward best practice, encourage regular get togethers and provide opportunities for useful networking. Make sure that your programme highlights advocates doing especially well.

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