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Finding the right person to run your employee advocacy programme

December 2013 | Employee advocacy

A good manager is one of the secrets to a successful programme.  Scott Jaworski runs the very successful employee advocate programme for Intel; here are the behaviours he thinks have helped him to make a success of the programme:

– He’s digitally savvy but recognises advocates may be relative novices

– He’s comfortable with change and ambiguity – the landscape for social marketing is ever evolving: a good lead should be agile and able to make quick decisions

– He’s a strong networker, able to identify potential advocates across the business, and also to lead by example when it comes to encouraging networking within the group

– He’s accessible; he runs a Jive group and makes answering questions and sharing best practice a priority

– His content calendar is well planned with weekly topics designed to encourage group participation

– He has learnt to overcome doubters in the business by treating the project as a work in progress. When things don’t work out as planned, he shares the issues and shows how they were overcome, using that openness to create an atmosphere of trust

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