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The secret to building reputation from the inside out? PANTS.

April 2014 | Collaboration, Employee advocacy, Storytelling

Before you start to snigger or wait for some bawdy and un-PC punchline, there is a (slightly) serious point to this.

At our Masterclass at the PR Summit in April 2014, we will be discussing how internal and external communicators can combine to engage colleagues, build pride, drive advocacy and enhance reputation.

Aside from showcasing a few companies that are doing a great job building reputation from the inside out, we’ll also be talking about PANTS.

Not where we buy ours.  For us, PANTS is a good way to remember a truth about building reputation today.

‘people are now the story’ = PANTS

We implore organisations to inform, inspire and involve their people to help create and define their reputation and service.  Not simply because happy colleagues make happy customers, but also because 92% of us say that we trust the views of people we know (Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising 2012).  By informing, inspiring and involving our colleagues, we can build a great platform for better performance, service, advocacy and reputation.

Of course, if you don’t get a chance to come along to the Masterclass and you want to find out more about engaging colleagues and building advocacy, get in touch.  We promise that the only visible pants will be those on screen.

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