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Diversity & Inclusion: what’s your story?

June 2015 | Diversity

On Thursday 25th June, we’ll be hosting a Roundtable discussion at Talent Leaders Connect, hosted by The JobPost. Our focus is to help employers think about their D&I story, and what it means to everyone in the business. A great story, well told, has the power to engage and empower your people, attract great, new talent and drive performance.   The secret is to find what difference diversity and inclusion means to the business now and in the future, and how it can impact on customers, colleagues, the community and of course the bottom line.

Narrative – No single business can say they have cracked D&I once and for all. Create a narrative that shows why D&I is important to your organisation, your people and your customers. Never be boring and avoid the diversity platitudes.

Integrity – Be honest about life in your organisation, and the current state of diversity and inclusion. If your story doesn’t resonate with your own employees, it’s not going to gain any kind of acceptance, and it won’t have the outcome you want.

Voice – Think about how you give your people a voice – and respect their ambitions, concerns and beliefs. Then go one step further and give them a chance to share their stories and talk about their experiences.

Managers – The toughest nut to crack. Show managers why this matters to them, their team and their performance, and give them a positive reason to become a supporter of the cause. Too often the story doesn’t relate to their everyday responsibilities; and feels like it’s simply a peripheral activity (or even irritant).

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