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We help organisations become go-to employers.  It starts by taking a good, hard look at the organisation, its aspirations, the employee experience and the competitors.  Then it’s about thinking beyond the obvious to look at how a company can become that magnet for talent.  We’re big fans of employee advocacy; so we can show you how to energise your workforce to help build the reputation of the business, far beyond any traditional marketing channels.

What we do

It’s not enough to answer the question, ‘why should people join your organisation?’.  We also need to examine how it differs from competitors, how it aligns with your brand and how it meets the motivations of your target audience.  Done well, it becomes much more than a statement.  It becomes a mantra.

For many organisations, the recruitment of school leavers, apprentices, graduates and postgrads is possibly the most important thing they do.  It’s the most consistent and reliable pipeline of talent.  So how are you attracting the right talent in schools, on campus, on social and through PR and marketing?

This is a way of connecting internal and external comms that has real benefits for your people, your brand and your reputation. It is a great way of engaging colleagues, building pride and helping them totell their story. The value here is reputational, and we’ve seen big organisations drive brand engagement through people stories.

Whether you’re recruiting a Vet or a Chef, a Partner or an Engineer, we can help you find the best way to attract great people.  Often at a fraction of the cost of using a recruitment agency.

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