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106 seconds with Jorunn Frafjord, Digital Manager, Norsk Hydro

June 2017 | 106 seconds

Jorunn Frafjord is responsible for development and operation of the company’s digital communication channels including various websites, intranets and social media channels. Since she started in the company, she has gained extensive experience within a wide range of topics, including development and implementation of digital channel strategies, project management, governance and analysis.

She puts her success down to her ability to work closely with other teams, such as HR, IT/IS and all business areas to ensure the different stakeholders’ expectations and needs are met. In 2015, Hydro launched a new intranet, covering the information needs of 13 000 employees worldwide.

What appeals to you about working at Norsk Hydro?

It’s a global company with a long and interesting history and with an exciting future in aluminium. There are always inspiring projects going on that gives us a lot of opportunities. This, combined with highly skilled and engaged colleagues, makes Hydro an appealing place to work.

You’ve been working on a new intranet for the global organisation.  What’s been the highlight?

The highlights have definitely been all the visits to our local plants. Meeting colleagues, getting a good understanding of how their everyday worklife is about and in that way create an intranet that “fits all sizes”.

What’s been the biggest challenge?

There were big IT and HR projects going on at the same time as the intranet project. That meant that we constantly had to align and coordinate with many different stakeholders – resulting in continuous changes and adjustments.

How do you measure success for the Intranet?

To measure success, we use KPIs based on the objectives we have defined and use different methods to follow up: statistics, usability testing (also using eye-tracking), focus groups and surveys. Use of statistical data is the most frequently used methodology and we have designed all our statistical reports based on our intranet KPI’s. That give us an opportunity to check status at any time.

What’s the next project on your to-do list?

We are now looking for a good enterprise search solution. One of our main objectives for the intranet is for it to be the main channel for finding and sharing tools and information. In order to succeed with that goal, we need the intranet to be able to get search results also from other sources than just Episerver (our CMS).

We are also in a process to see how we can use internal social channels in a better way to help us reach some of our other objectives.  In addition to this, we are working to improve our external web channel: www.hydro.com

Finally, what City in the world would you most like to visit?  And why?

It’s hard to pick just one city. I like to travel and do that a lot. One city I would like to visit soon again is New York city. Simply because it has it all!

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