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Cindy and the Bots – AI for the employee

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Artificial Intelligence promises to makes thousands, if not millions, of people redundant.  We will be talking to, learning from and possibly even falling in love with bots.  (Yes, I said bots not butts.) In the world of AI (or as Jeremy … from IBM said, it’s more like IA – Information Assistants – at the […]Read more

Facebook, the value of culture, and how tech companies engage talent…

Recently, I had the chance to visit Facebook. Unfortunately it was in London rather than California. But the experience made me think profoundly about culture but also invited me to question how tech companies can really differentiate themselves. Let’s start with the ‘profound effect’. No, this was not some sort of epiphany, but it was […]Read more

Tech grown-ups v start-ups – and how to connect with new tech talent…

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In 1991, Oracle was virtually a startup in the UK with 700 people. The average age was 26. Nearly 25 years on and Oracle now has some 26,000 people across the EMEA region, and the average age of the workforce is 46. Is this what happens to start-ups when they become grown-ups? How does it […]Read more

Teaching tech in schools: what’s the answer?

My sister and my oldest friend are both primary school teachers.  (Fantastic primary school teachers, in fact.) Three of my school friends now teach in primary schools. Two of my daughters are at primary school and over the past four years, they’ve been taught by six teachers, mostly excellently. By association then, I know lots […]Read more

‘Everyone wants to work for Google’ part 2: surely innovative graduate employers will win!

Universum’s annual appraisal of the UK’s top employers (or most desirable) once again saw Google sitting at the top. As discussed in the previous blog on ‘Everyone wants to work for Google’, it seems that what people admire most about Google is what they don’t necessarily see in other big companies. The desire and ability […]Read more

‘Everyone wants to work at Google’: how can the corporates compete for tech talent?

A survey by Telefonica shows that young adults in the UK have the best digiskills in the world –  So why do a lot of corporate recruiters still find it difficult to hire great technologists?  I often hear the complaint – ‘Graduates just want to work for Google‘.  Well, perhaps.  But not everyone can. […]Read more